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Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Found this in my mailbox. Thank you Dan Brinsmead for this book! How did you know I’ve been looking for it!

Dan is an artist friend of mine. He’s seen me paint stewART the seagull and I’ve told him the story of stewART. I guess stewART also reminds him of Jonathan.

I’m just a little interested in seagulls. I am not obsessed. Really.

I have never read  Jonathan Livingston Seagull until today. I started hearing about him when I posted up stewART the seagull a few years back. It is uncanny that stewART and Jonathan are so alike! I am so happy to have discovered Jonathan. I love love this story.

The book is describes as “The most celebrated inspirational fable of our time” Jonathan Livingston Seagull shows us that we can soar if we follow our dreams!

Stewart the seagull mural at Gusto cafe
Penang street art: Stewart the seagull bird mural at Gusto cafe. Start your journey…
Stewart the seagull
Penang Street art: Stewart the seagull bird at Reggae bar, Chulia street
StewART the seagull loves to surf
Penang street/beach art: StewART the seagull bird loves to surf
StewART the Seagull
Penang street art: StewART the Seagull bird. Live your dream
Stewart the seagull Beach art in Penang
Penang street/beach art: Stewart the seagull bird Beach art in Penang
stewart the seagull street art penang
Sometimes I still dream…Penang street art: stewART inspirational seagull bird. 75 Stewart Lane, George Town Unesco, Penang



Penang Street art: You can remove me but you cannot take my dreams from me…

Sometimes I still dream...
Sometimes I still dream…Stewart the seagull is a determined bird.

StewART the seagull has been relocated from his home. These are the perils of living in the city. As a tenant, you can be kicked out anytime and replaced. Luckily stewART is a tough and resourceful Bird. He has found a new home and has taken his dreams with him…

Stewart Gusto

Sketch of the day no 358: StewART the seagull street art mural at Gusto cafe, hillside, Penang, Malasyia by Penang based artist

steART the inspirational seagull at Gustos cafe
Penang street art: StewART the inspirational seagull at Gustos cafe Penang

StewART reappears at GUSTO cafe at hillside Penang…after he was kicked out of 75 Stewart Lane.

Stewart the seagull desperately needed a new home since he was abruptly evicted from the shop house he lived in George Town. Eviction is a common problem in the old town Unesco heritage zone. The motto these days is out with the old, and in with the new. Sad as it is, but life must move on…

So, after being sad for a while, I decided to bring Stewart the seagull back from the streets with some help from my friends Ru, Lily and her kids.

We asked Jason from Gusto cafe if he was ok with us painting at his cafe. He was more than delighted to host us as Gusto’s first art community. We arranged a time with him the following day (before he changed his mind) and painted Stewart the Seagull on his Wooden shutter.

It was a super fun collaboration.

Thank you Jason for letting us draw all over your wooden window.  🙂

Stay tuned to see where else StewART goes!!


Gusto Cafe Penang

4, Jln Sg. Kelian, Tg. Bunga
Penang, Malaysia
04-890 4012
stewART the seagull street art at Gusto Hillside, Penang
stewART the seagull street art at Gusto Hillside, Penang

Street Art Penang – another artist strikes the wall!

This is on stewart lane, georgetown, penang. This wall showcases 3 street artists working separately at different times but making a piece that appears collaborative

Get a Life
Sometimes I still Dream……

“Sometimes I still dream” says Stewart the seagull. Stewart the seagull is a dreamer…

“Get a life!” says the house crow swooping down at Stewart the seagull.


This was located at 75 Stewart Lane, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Street Art Penang: Stewart the seagull

Inspirational street art on Stewart Lane in Georgetown, Penang.

why is there a Seagul on my wall? pfff……


Sometimes I still dream….



The story of the Stewart the seagull is to honour the birds lost at sea during a 3 week storm. They were caught out at sea and had no where to go but found shelter aboard a boat “Mind the Gap”. Stewart was the only one who stuck his neck out to make friends with the boat owners, chilling on their deck. He survived. Birds go through a lot of danger and obstacles and many lose their lives when they travel, still they do it. Their sense of determination and survival instincts is truly inspirational.

Also see Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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