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Green tiger beetle pattern. 💚

Green tiger beetle pattern

I have been pattern making. Here’s a Green tiger beetle pattern. 💚

Digital drawing no 8: Green Tiger beetle. 

Digital drawing is of Green Tiger beetle. Cicindela campestris from the Natural history museum in Oxford. 

Sketch of the no 694 in my Daler Rowney art journal: Yellow Longhorn Beetle that walked across my desk.

yellow longhorn beetle drawing

Today’s sketch of the day in my Daler Rowney art journal was an easy choice. It’s of a Yellow Longhorn Beetle that walked across my desk.

Sometimes I have to look for my subjects and sometimes my subjects come to me! If it lands on my desk, it’s a sure sign that i will capture it in my sketchbook and blog about it to the world! (no insects were harmed in the drawing of this)

Happy weekend xoxo

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