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Sketch of the day no 479 in my art journal: Upcycled decorations on the beach hut

Recycled decoration

The Thais are so creative. Everywhere I go, there are decorations and objects made from found and discarded rubbish.  Who would have thought that old lighters and old plastic buoys could make such pretty decorations.
If I lived here, I wouldn’t run out of things to sketch.

Surf or Swim, which do you prefer?

StewART the seagull loves to surf
StewART the seagull loves to surf

I love both surfing and swimming. I took another day off today to chill by the beach. The waves were a bit small and I’m shattered to be honest. Last day to soak in the sun, beach and sea in Phuket before heading home. I thank the sun god for the clear blue skies!!

Before I leave, I had to make stewART the seagull have a go at surfing 🙂


Phuket HQ
Last day at Phuket HQ


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