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Paradise found day 2


Day 2 in Koh Lanta. Well it’s actually my first real day since I arrived so late last night.
The place im staying is right on the beach and i was greeted by this stunning view as I went to breakfast.  I sat in one of the little wooden shacks for breakfast with the view of the sea in front of me.  Second thing I did was to walk on the beach and then I went to look for a scooter. I found myself a pretty pink one


I headed South to the national park and explored some of the other beaches on the way back.


Well I did some art on the way.  I brought Casper the cat with me and left him on the Hill at the national park.  He will  biodegrade. Hope no one took offense.


In the evening I had to set a Lantern free to bring good luck for the new year.
The night was spent at a beach bar where I ushered in the new year. 

It was the perfect day. The perfect last day to the year !

Surf or Swim, which do you prefer?

StewART the seagull loves to surf
StewART the seagull loves to surf

I love both surfing and swimming. I took another day off today to chill by the beach. The waves were a bit small and I’m shattered to be honest. Last day to soak in the sun, beach and sea in Phuket before heading home. I thank the sun god for the clear blue skies!!

Before I leave, I had to make stewART the seagull have a go at surfing 🙂


Phuket HQ
Last day at Phuket HQ


Isn’t Life better at the beach?

Kata beach

This post comes to you from Phuket! It was a last minute trip, but it’s not far. Phuket is an hour’s flight from Penang.

I gatecrashed my brother’s surfing holiday as I do once in a while.  No, I can’t really surf, I just pretend to. I also don’t have my own board, the others do. I rented the pink one, obviously. Don’t judge me ;p

Surf trip
Kata Noi
matahari in phuket
Matahari eco tote Live Love Laugh




Sunset at Kata Beach


Apart from the beach and surfing, Phuket town is really interesting. It has strong historical ties with my home town of Penang. The architecture and the Chinese descendants have strong ties with each other through trade and marriage. The building below is a typical shophouse in Phuket town, which could be mistaken for Georgetown, Penang.


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