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Sketch of the day no 6: a bowl of fruits in the kitchen

Sketch of bowl of fruits
Bowl of fruits

After spending the whole day in Aix en Provence, I was shattered, but the challenge to produce a sketch of the day meant that I had to draw before I took a well deserved siesta! Good night all!


This is a reblog. This is a sketch from the first week. Originally posted April 25 2013. I was in Puyvert, France.

I remember how hard it was for me to sit down to sketch everyday. I was like a stubborn child refusing to sit still, but more than a year, on, it is the highlight of my day to sit down to sketch. I look forward to it. What a change a year makes.

What new things will you do?

Sketch of the day no 38: Pineapple

Since it’s raining and utterly miserable outside, here’s a sketch of a pineapple to bring a bit of the tropics to your home 🙂


Sketch of Pineapple
Sketch of Pineapple

Sketch of the day no 37: Stewart the Seagull and the story behind it

Today’s sketch of the day is Stewart the seagull. I got interested in seagulls after a story a couple told me about one of their encounters with seagulls whilst sailing around the world on their boat ‘Mind the Gap” (Actually it was a story about storks but I got them mixed up!) Anyway a group of seagulls were at sea, just like the couple on their boat. It was somewhere off South Africa where there was a storm that lasted days. They were weeks away from land so they had to pray and wait for the storm to pass. The seagulls too. (well storks) It started with 6 birds trying to seek shelter on their boat but everyday, one would be lost and finally the last survivor was left. He survived because he set aside all his human preconceptions and made friends with the couple. Survival instinct made him brave enough to not fly away into the storm. He was forced to face his human fears. After he made friends with the couple, he set up camp with them until the weather cleared and he fly away. The story really moved me to remember this brave bird. To celebrate his courage, I have painted and sketched seagulls and I love sharing this story.

Sketch of Sewart the seagull
stewart the seagull

Click here for seagull street art

Sketch of the day no 36: Kobe the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Today’s sketch of the day is Kobe, the Rhodesian Ridgeback. A quick one since it is a super sunny SUNDAY! I’m carrying on my theme of cartoon style animals to add to my portfolio. Happy Memorial Weekend!


Sketch of Kobe

Sketch of the day no 35: The Humble Tortoise

Today’s sketch is one of my favourite animals (technically a reptile), the humble land tortoise.

The tortoise is a slow creature that lives in its shell. They are reclusive and shy creatures. I like to believe they lead long lives cos they are vegetarian by nature. In Dreamworks cartoon, Kung Fu Panda, the character Grand Master Oogway is depicted as an old sage, venerated for his wisdom, knowledge and experience. In china the tortoise symbolizes the beginning of creation, time, wisdom and longevity. In india, the tortoise is highly regarded as having a elevated spiritual state as it is believed to meditate inside its shell. In Aesop’s fable, the slow moving but patient tortoise wins the race against the flighty hare.

The tortoise has been my mascot for many years. It represents all that I want to be. Wise, vegetarian, patient, spiritual wanderer who is self sufficient within its own shell that is also home.


Sketch of tortoise
Sketch of tortoise


Sketch of the day no 34: Monk walking alone

I have a fascination with Buddhist monks. I take photos of them whenever I spot one. I like to talk to them too. I can understand how someone can dedicate their entire life to the teachings of Buddha or any other religion and faith but to live in such an austere lifestyle and discipline for me is quite amazing. I guess this could be the lesson and the key to happiness. Comfort is relative and subjective. Maybe if we accept that material goods does not bring us real and sustaining happiness,  we might find inner peace within ourselves.

Sketch of monk walking alone
Sketch of monk walking alone

Happy Vesak Day 2013 to all Buddhist

Today is Vesak day, also known as ‘Buddha Day‘, the birthday, death and enlightenment of Buddha. It is celebrated on the day the of full moon in the month of May. Let us pray for inner peace and world peace.


Inspirational quote of the day “It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”

walk. with logo

Final day at Clerkenwell Design week 2013 #London


I managed to find some time today to catch the last day at Clerkenwell Design week 2013, and I’m so glad I did.
‘After 3 extremely successful years, Clerkenwell Design Week has established itself as the UK’s leading independent design festival and one of the most acclaimed trade events on the international design calendar, winning Best Festival and Best Cultural Event at the UK Event Awards to attest to its success. Boasting over 60 showrooms, a wealth of creative businesses and more architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet..’

I got there around 4.30. Did a beehive towards the pop up pavilions at Charterhouse sq where I had to sign in, get a tag and a map. It just made me look less of a tourist and more important. Not much there for me, mainly contract commercial materials. Thank god for the guide book with the map inside. I managed to navigate my way to Farmiloe building on st johns st. It’s like a multi storey warehouse space with different sections which showcased many interesting designers from furniture to lighting. I was exhausted after that but forced myself to checkout the house of detention and order of st john. Both smaller venues but very interesting spaces for display. I assume they were the independent designers.

For me, it was a great experience to see all these designers presenting their works in one area. It was easy to spot trends. Neon colours like yellow and orange and different shades of blues were the colour trend. Felt and textured fabrics, wood and some metal. Organic shapes.

Well, here is a collage of my favourites from the exhibition

Clerkenwell 1
Clerkenwell 2
Clerkenwell 3 lights

Giles Curties preview at Hartnoll and Daughter Gallery #London


I attended the preview of Giles Curties aka ‘Horn Head’, first solo show ‘Post art’ at the Hartnoll gallery on 37 Duke st. I met Giles Curties and Lizzie Hartnoll randomly last week at another show preview and they were nice enough to invite me over for this one.

The works are paintings on a collage of envelopes using spray paint, not unlike street art. Giles first started his career as a street artist. His work reflects this style, although he has evolved from using the street walls to envelopes as his canvas, he has kept the symbol of the ‘Horn Head” as his signature.

I loved the show. I appreciate the edginess of his spontaneous street art style, yet his use of envelopes as canvas is very nostalgic and old school. The best part of it is that every single envelope was mailed to the gallery through the postal system. When was the last time anybody mailed a letter?


For Giles Curties other works click here

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