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Set your spirit free.

Pegasus drawing. Ref limoges plate

Set your spirit free…

and chase your dreams with the help of Pegasus to soar you higher when you need some help.

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If you’re tired, take a rest before you fly

Dragonfly drawing

If you’re tired, take a rest before you fly.

I’m taking some wisdom from the Dragonfly today. It’s OK to take some down time. Even the Dragonfly doesn’t fly all day long. With my hand recovering, I can’t do things at full capacity. At week 5, I’m recovering nicely but there are still limitations to what I can do. Patience is a big lesson learnt, and not feeling guilty about culling certain activities like a full workout and lifting heavy objects. I’m still continuing to draw with my healing hand and I’m really enjoying drawing with my non dominant hand. It’s good practice to look at things from a different perspective. It’s also made me wonder whether my art is determined by which hand I draw with. The answer is clearly no, as its still drawn by me. Something to ponder over …

And just like that…

And just like that…

And just like that…

Nobody talks anymore.

Sketch of my Mi8 mobile phone 📱

On another note, thank you everyone who have been asking about my hand. It is healing since I fell 5 weeks ago. And no, I did not break my drawing hand, but the last 3 sketches of the new year are drawn with my healing hand as part of my rehab. I need to exercise my hand and get it strong again. 🙏

Is it me you’re looking for?

Retro Telephone

Is it me you’re looking for?

Sketch of retro Telephone. We used to use this not too long ago. I don’t even own a landline, do you?

Hello 2022!

Hello 2022!

Hello 2022. First Sketch of the year. Vintage telephone in case you have no idea what it is. 😜

Vintage telephone

I found this is in my family home whilst going through some old things to clear. Haven’t seen one of these in a while.

Portrait drawing of Andy Smerdon

Portrait drawing

Portrait of the day of one of my first follower, Andy, when I started on this art journey here on WordPress.
Pencil on paper.
Thanx you for the support and encouragement over the years and for being part of my art community.

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Portrait drawing of Chelsia Ng

Portrait drawing of Chelsia Ng

Portrait of the beautiful and talented actor, singer, songwriter Chelsia Ng
If I had a little sister, she would be the one who’s always got my back. Surround yourself with good people.

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Portrait drawing of Lucy Liu

Portrait of Lucy Liu

Today’s portrait of the day in pencil is of actress Lucy Liu.

Portrait drawing of Awkwafina

Portrait drawing of Awkwafina

I haven’t been drawing for a while and today I felt like going back to drawing portraits. So here you go. A pencil drawing of the beautiful and talented actress and comedian Awkwafina.

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