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My drawing: Food for thought with Penang based artist Lusy DeCoursey at Chai Diam Ma, George town, Penang, Malaysia #GTF2014

Food for thought
Food for thought by Penang born Artist

Food for thought is part of George town festival organised by English artist Lusy deCoursey.  The art workshop held a Chai Diam Ma, a cute little cafe, is to share your food stories through art. Lusy moved to Penang this year and she has brought with her creativity, passion and sense of community.

Food for thought at Chai Diam Ma
Food for thought at Chai Diam Ma.  Penang Art project
Food for thought ARTWALL at Chai Diam Ma for George Town Festival art project
Food for thought artwall at Chai Diam Ma for George Town Festival art project
Penang artists sharing food stories at chai diam ma, Penang
Penang Artist Hao Yuan Cheng


Sneak preview of Artist Daniel Brinsmead’s Project 9 exhibition at A2 Gallery for George Town Festival #GTF2014

daniel brinsmead A2 Gallery #GTF2014
Daniel brinsmead A2 Gallery #GTF2014


My friend and I got a sneak preview of Daniel Brinsmead’s Project 9 art exhibition at A2 Gallery this afternoon. The launch of the show is this Sunday but we were itching to take a look since the paintings were already up at the gallery. I love the colours and the naive type paintings. His style is so distinctive and some of his images are recurring. It looks like he draws stories from his own world and quirky imagination.

I’ve been talking to Dan about a collaboration maybe in the future but I got permission to do a series of paintings based on my reaction to these paintings of his.

I had a question I was pondering and I asked Dan this, do you get influenced by other peoples work, and both of us replied yes.

How about you, are you influenced by other peoples work either consciously or subconsciously?


Exhibition Invitation-Project9-a2 Gallery-Penang-2014-e-1



Art is Rubbish / Rubbish is Art: Solo show by Ernest Zacharevic #Penang


It’s hard to imagine that this is Ernest Zacharevic’s first solo exhibition. His facebook page has over 90,000 fans. At 27 years old, this Lithuanian lad has achieved iconic status in Malaysia and now internationally. The BBC referred to Ernest as Malaysia’s answer to Banksy.

It all started with one mural in Georgetown, Penang about 2 1/2 years ago. You can watch the time lapse video here of him painting the mural.

I first met him and his girlfriend Gabija about 2 years ago by accident. He had just finished painting that first mural. My first impression of them was that they were both brave, passionate, dynamic and incredibly talented. (and super nice) They were travelling the world and stumbled upon Penang and decided to stay. (My memory is hazy but I will go with this story ;p) I met them at the restaurant/art studio they set up in Georgetown. The following day I bumped into Ernest juggling on the streets. They basically just did what they loved and followed their passion. Soon after, he became an overnight success when George Town Festival commissioned 8 murals to be painted around Georgetown Unesco Heritage site. I never saw them again until yesterday at his first solo exhibition.

I went to the exhibition because I absolutely love his work. I didn’t expect him and Gabija to be manning the show. They were both there and the exhibition is not only fantastic but absolutely free. I asked him, are you selling your art work? He replied no. I mainly give it to my friends or my sponsors. The space is fabulous as well. It is an old bus company building. It is a derelict but beautiful space which they found and want to try to maintain before any developer comes to destroy it.

The exhibition is called art is rubbish/rubbish is art is because he has turned rubbish into art. He has turned a derelict building into an exhibition space, worthy of a second look.

If you have never heard of him, here are some of the paintings from the show and you can google more of his street art, which is how he became so popular.

Art is Rubbish ~ Solo exhibition by Ernest Zacharevic
Art is Rubbish ~ Solo exhibition by Ernest Zacharevic
Ernest Zacharevic and Gabija Grušaitė
Ernest Zacharevic and Gabija Grušaitė

IMG_00001021 IMG_00001022 IMG_00001024 IMG_00001025 IMG_00001026 IMG_00001027 IMG_00001028 IMG_00001029 IMG_00001034 IMG_00001035

Shark's fin
Shark’s fin

IMG_00001042 IMG_00001045

Lego woman and Lego man by  Ernest Zacharevic
3D Lego woman and Lego man by Ernest Zacharevic

Finally the 3D lego woman and man. The lego figures are 3D replicas of a very controversial mural he recently painted in Johor, Malaysia. The authorities removed the mural after a few days because it highlighted the high crime rate in the country. He chose Lego man to depict the crime because there is a Legoland in Johor.

The exhibition is on until Feb 14 2014.

Address: Hin Company Bus Depot, Jalan Gurdwara, George Town, Penang

Sketch of the day no 176: Petai (Parkia speciosa)


This is a local stinky bean. An acquired taste. You can either eat it raw, but not that many or cooked with chilli and garlic. It’s slightly bitter in taste, and smells wierd. The more you eat it the better it gets. I started off not liking it very much, but now i think it’s delicious, but you do kind of pong after unfortunately (for your friends)  ;p

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