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Digital drawing no 45: Hugo the Santa dog 🐹🐶

Hugo the Santa dog

Woof. Merry Christmas! 

Digital drawing of the day is of Hugo the Santa dog 🐹🐶

Wishing you a beautiful and merry Christmas xoxo

Wishing you a beautiful and merry Christmas

Wishing you a beautiful and merry Christmas and Happy holidays! ⭐🌲⭐

It’s been an incredible year for me travelling to new places and completing 1000 sketches. I look forward to the new year and hope that it will be awesome for us all. 

Sketch of the day no 228: Kenzo the Persian cat Angel

Kenzo Angel
Kenzo Angel

This is my best friend’s Persian cat, Kenzo. I made him into the angel because he recently passed away. His family was there with him. He was very much loved and will be remembered.

Set Your Spirit free: Every story has an end but in life every ending is just a new beginning ~ uptown girls

Sketch of the day no 227: Buddy the Rasta Santa claus Whippet

Buddy the whippet
Buddy the whippet

Buddy belongs to a friend of mine who lives in Singapore. Buddy is a real joy and has a laid back and loving personality.

Set your spirit free: Don’t worry be happy

I stumbled upon John Lewis Christmas ad and couldn’t resist to share it! The Christmas story of Bear and Hare. Enjoy!

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