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adopt a dog

Lost and found Golden retriever 

Last weekend I found this golden retriever in my garden whimpering cos there was a thunderstorm.  The next morning I found out she belongs to a neighbour. 

Since then she sneaks over everyday to keep me company and goes home to eat.  I think she has adopted me as her human and today I will send her home with a note.  

Happy thanksgiving 🐶🐶

Sketch of the day no 995 in my moleskine art journal: Tequila the adopted dog.

take me for a walk

Take me for a walk.

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of Tequila, my friend’s adopted dog in Penang.

Sketch of the day no 993 in my moleskine art journal: spitz

993 spitz
I’m just a fluffy furball ~ Sarah the spitz

I’m just a fluffy furball.

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of Sarah the spitz. Just a reminder to adopt a dog and not buy from pet shops.

Home is where your heart is. Presenting Lily the rescued dog from Sai Kung, HK

10653346_10152918034992289_2014001580384331524_n 20140924_174956

Meet Lily the rescue dog and Constance her owner. Lily was rescued but my friend Constance in Hong Kong and now she lives here in Penang, Malaysia. They moved here about a month ago.

Welcome to Penang. ‘HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS’

We are lucky to have you in our lives xoxo


About CONSTANCE  and the great things she does:

Constance started her journey being a social worker in New York working with the homeless population living with mental-illness and HIV/AIDS. She also received a full scholarship from the New York City government to pursue her MSW. After moving to Hong Kong in 2010, she joined City University of Hong Kong and was in charge of running its university-wide service-learning program, in partnership with over 20 community organizations. We are so lucky to have her here in our community.

IAM 5.0
IAM 5.0

Constance will be giving a talk on HOMELESSNESS this SUNDAY at IAM 5.0. Click here for more info

Ideas Agent Meetup (IAM) provides a meeting ground for creative and innovative individuals to pitch their ideas and creative projects. …a bi-monthly gathering where TED-style presenter will provide big ideas researched, experienced or invented to inspire everyone to look into the subject from a new angle. Through this we aimed to provide a platform for people to socialise and share resources for ideas development, pitching and implementation.



Sketch of the day no 397: Tiger the Labrador in my #Moleskine sketchbook

sketch of labrador
sketch of labrador

Today’s sketch is Tiger the Labrador from Belgium who live in Malaysia now. He’s made new friends and loves it here 🙂

Sketch of the day no 211: Chiko the terrapoo in colour with moustache for #Movember

Chiko with moustache
Chiko with moustache

If you have followed the blog for a while, you would have seen the original sketch of Chiko. I am Chiko’s “aunt”. My good friends adopted him from SPCA a few years ago. We think he is a soft coated Wheaten Terrier. For the month of Movember, my friends are growing a moustache and so is Chiko, he really is. Below is his new hair cut showing off his moustache ;p

Chiko movember grooming
Chiko movember grooming

A special reblog and add on for an American dog sitting company

They asked me to take part in the National Pet Cancer Awareness month as I love dogs. So here is more about Chiko.

Full name: Chiko Terrapoo

Age: 4 years

Occupation: Part time model (SPCA Calender)

City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Facebook page:

Interests: Walk in the park and making new friends

Chiko with his pet Hush Puppy
Chiko loves walks in the park and the lake
Chiko loves to make new friends in the dog friendly parks
Chiko and his extended family at Sunday brunch al fresco style
Chiko likes his r+r at home
Chiko entertains himself when he’s bored
Chiko has to be chauffered around. He’s not allowed on the public transport




Sketch of the day no 31: Chiko the Terrapoo

This sketch is of Chiko. My friends adopted him from SPCA in Ampang. He’s 3 years old and a part time model. I’m officially his aunt ;p

We call him a terrapoo because he is a wheaten terrier cross breed but he is a bit of a bully when we take him for walks, so little terror is an apt description. At home he is the loveliest sweeetest addition to the family.

Sketch of Chiko
Sketch of Chiko

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