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Artichoke botanical drawing in pastels

Artichoke drawing

Who loves artichokes??
Artichoke drawing in pastel on textured paper.
My desk is now covered in pastel chalk including my fingers, phone and face.
In Chinese Culture, the mess you make when eating shows how much you enjoyed the meal. I guess this must be true of my pastel art.

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The Chinese cranes

Chinese cranes

The cranes grazing in the field of dreams.
Pastels on textured paper.
This piece is drawn from an antique  bronze wall hanging which I love 
The cranes are symbols of longevity and peace. 💕

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Welcome home dragonflies

Dragonfly art in pastel

The dragonflies are back in full force. I wonder where they go to when they are not around the area. Always happy to see them. They really bring me joy.
Pastels on textured paper.

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Osmanthus flowers

Osmanthus flowers

Pastel drawing of osmanthus flowers.
They bloom during this time of the year and is a symbol of love and romance.

My first NFT on OpenSea

Bob the bunny

I thought I’d do an experiment and learn how to mint artwork on the OpenSea NFT platform. I’m not sure how it works, but no harm learning along the way and see what happens.

My first NFT is of Bob the bunny. I chose the bunny because it’s mid autumn festival today and the bunny is a symbol of good fortune and good luck.

Mid autumn festival : legend of the rabbit and the moon

Rabbit and the moon

Today I’m taking a break from photoshop and I decided to experiment with some pastels. Still on the theme of the full moon festival. We have here the rabbit who lives on the moon. If you look up at the moon carefully tonight or the next couple of  nights when it’s still full moon,  you may catch a glimpse of the rabbit 🐰

Fred the red eyed tree frog

Red eyed tree frog

Fred the red eyed tree frog 
I painted this quite some time ago and here he is in animation. I’m quite slow with the animation as I’m still learning and my computer is so slow but it’s been fun learning new skills. My dream is to bring all my animal characters to live!! They’ve been talking to me a lot. I owe them that. I will try.

Watch the animation here :

Dusky leaf monkey

The dusky leaf monkey or spectacled langur is indigenous to Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. They are gentle herbivores and spend all their time in the tree tops. The babies are golden in colour when they are born. I’ve been trying to spot these golden babies for many years but I have never seen one this colour. They turn grey, black once they are 6 months old.
I haven’t given up hope. I am always on the look out for the golden babies. This species is on the endangered list so time of the essence but I do hope that they will be saved.

It’s a beautiful day to be with you.

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