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Drawing of Lemon the cat in my moleskine sketchbook

Cat illustration

Happy Sunday my friends. Here is a drawing of Lemon the cat who’s always judging me… 🐈

Illustration of a clever cat

Cat portrait

Does your cat do any tricks? This cat rings the bell when he’s hungry 🐈

Watch my art process video here and see the cat do his trick 🛎️🐈

Illustration of Hangry stray cat

I’m Hangry

I’m Hangry says the cat who guards the restaurant I go to regularly . It’s always sitting on a chair judging us. It’s a Stray cat that the row of restaurants have adopted and it just chooses to visit them as he pleases but this is his favourite spot 🙀

Illustration of Yeti the ragdoll cat

I hate Mondays 😾

Hello hello. I can’t believe another week has gone by!!

I hate Mondays, says Yeti the cat.

How about you ?
This one is for all cat people out there 🐈

Watch my art process video here

Blue and white ginger with dragonfly

Blue and white ginger with dragonfly

Blue and white ginger jar with dragonfly
Acrylic on paper. 2022
Size A4
Commission artwork.

The Dragonfly brings blessings, harmony and loving relationships within the family and the carp is a symbol of luck and abundance.

Watch my art process video

Illustration of Eddy the cat

Eddy the cat

This one is for cat lovers. Illustration of cat using pen and acrylic paint.
This is Eddy the cat, “Where have you been all day?” he’s not impressed that my friend was out all day… 😾

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Blue and white ginger jar with Butterfly 🦋

Blue and white ginger jar with Butterfly 🦋

I was down wth covid last week. But the good news is I’ve been super productive since I had to stay at home. I wasn’t really sick, just a bit of a cold and scratchy throat. I had so much time to start painting again.

Blue and white ginger jar with Butterfly 🦋
Acrylic on paper. 2022
Size A4

The butterfly symbolises rebirth, beauty and love.

Halloween monster art series

Halloween monster art

Halloween is just around the corner and I do love cute monsters, so I decided to redraw my Chinese zodiac series as monsters for Halloween month.

Here is the full collection of 12 extracted from my sketchbook. I have been drawing but I haven’t been posting so much on WordPress… I know I have been slacking for a long time now… But you can find me more on Instagram. 🙏

Hope you like this version of my monsters and Happy Halloween everyone. 🦇 🎃💀

Queens Jubilee series #13 : memorial to her Majesty the Queen

Painting of Queen Elizabeth II vintage postage stamp

My Queen’s Jubilee series has come to a sad ending and it’s also the end of an era. May you rest in peace your majesty the Queen. 🕊️
Acrylic on old Great Britain Road map. 2022

I’ve finally got round to finish posting this series. I started this series in London when I was travelling there. The Queen passed away the day I arrived home to Malaysia.

I painted this last one on the following day Her Majesty the Queen passed away. 8th September 2022 as a memorial honoring her.

Watch my art process video here and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you ⬇️

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