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The Penang Peranakan Phoenix

The Penang Peranakan Phoenix

The feminine phoenix in Peranakan culture is a mythical bird that not only brings transformation but only appears in places where there is peace, prosperity and happiness. It is a symbol of beauty and grace. 🌺

The stencil street art is located in George town Penang on Lorong Lumut towards Lorong Toh Aka.

What and where is your favourite street art? .

Keong hee huat chye. Happy Chinese New year

Keong hee huat. Happy Chinese New year

Keong hee huat chye. Happy Chinese New year

The Nyonya Garden Mural Art at Gusto Cafe, Penang.

The Nyonya Garden Mural art at Gusto Cafe, Penang.

The Nyonya Garden Mural art at Gusto Cafe, Penang. My brief was to paint something that would teach these people how to respect nature.

Mr Koi represents all the koi fish that were brutally murdered by irresponsible parents who allowed their kids to throw liquid soap and ketchup in the pond at this cafe. The peonies represent the plants that were plucked from their pots while their parents watched and laughed.

“We want to enjoy our lives here without fear of being plucked by strangers ~ sincerely Mr Koi and Ms Daisy.”

I hope this artwork will inspire the parents to teach their children to respect and appreciate nature and the beauty around us.

Gusto art
Looking serious whilst painting at Gusto Cafe, Penang.
bumble bee
bumble bee by my best friend Lily

Park(ing) Day in George Town, Penang

Park(ing) Day 2015 George Town, Penang

Park(ing) Day in George Town, Penang.

There were over 40 reclaimed parking spots today all over the heritage zone. The event was organised by MyGeorgeTown.

There were so many interesting ideas. I wish there were more creative, fun and green spaces in the city to enhance our urban life and to bring communities closer together.

Think about how your local spaces are used and what you can do about it.

Fifty fifty skate fest at Hin Bus Depot, Penang


Fifty fifty skate fest at Hin Bus Depot, Penang celebrates skate culture with an exhibition on Grafitti art, skate designs, photography and skate workshops at weekends.
For more info


The show will be on throughout the month of August 2015. Check the website for workshop schedule. This is a FREE event.

Hin Bus depot art centre
31 Jalan Gurdwara
10300 Penang

Opening hours:
12 noon – 7pm

Crochet bombing crafty street art by Magda Sayeg on Armenian street, George town, Penang

imageI spotted this crochet vintage VW caravan on one of my regular walks around George Town heritage site. (quite hard not to spot)

It is by crochet/yarn bombing queen Magda Sayeg. Check out her website

I’m not sure how long it took her but my fingers would have seized up after an hour of crocheting!

imageimageWelcome to Penang! xoxo

Stewart the seagull bird street art returns to the island of Penang at Gusto Cafe Hillside.

Stewart the seagull bird street art Penang. Sometimes i still dream.. at Gusto Cafe Penang

Stewart the seagull returns to the beautiful island of Penang after travelling thousands of miles to Istanbul and London.

This spray paint stencil art of Stewart the seagull first appeared on the island of Buyukada in Istanbul, and then Kasimpasa in Istanbul.  The beauty of stencil art is that it takes less than 5 mins and someone else can do the dirty job! This one is done by Jason for Gusto Cafe Penang.

Long live Stewart xoxo

Stewart the seagull is an inspirational bird

Stewart the seagull is now back at Gusto Cafe, hillside, Penang. He started his journey here and flew to Istanbul and back!

4, Jln Sg. Kelian, Tg. Bunga
Penang, Malaysia
04-890 4012

It’s a sticker street art day in George Town Penang, Malaysia

sticker street art in George town Penang

Today was a sticker art day in George Town, Penang. I made some stickers for Hello, Hide and seek treasure hunt game organised by We Are Artists in conjunction with George Town Festival and I had some left over stickers to share some BulanLifestyle art around town.
The stickers are made of cork and will naturally biodegrade over time 🙂

An inspiring morning walking around Camden Town discovering Street art.

Camden town street art, London
Camden town street art, London

Last Sunday I spent the morning walking around Camden town with Nelly from It was an amazing discovery of different works from International street artists. The demand for wall space is huge. Nelly is an inspiring personality. She negotiates wall space from landlords and invites street artists to showcase their work on them. London has become the place to be for street art and the city a public gallery with new works on display all the time. Some walls are rotated every couple of months so that new works can go up. Some stay for longer if they prove to be popular.

If you are in London I highly recommend this tour with Camden street art tours.

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