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Hear me roar!

Chinese tiger drawing

Hear me roar! 🐯
We are soon ushering in the year of the tiger and I must say I do love tigers.
Tigers symbolize power, bravery and drives away evil spirits.
This Sketch of a traditional Chinese tiger art outside a temple in my hometown is placed there as a guardian to protect the entrance.
This is week 6 of my hand rehab and drawing everyday helps the healing process. I’m learning to draw with my non dominant hand as proof that practice makes your a better artist.

Set your spirit free.

Pegasus drawing. Ref limoges plate

Set your spirit free…

and chase your dreams with the help of Pegasus to soar you higher when you need some help.

Watch my art video here

My Vegan diet

My Vegan diet during the pandemic

My Vegan diet. I’ve been pretty much vegetarian most of my adult life and when the pandemic hit last year I decided to remove dairy and try to go plant based as much as I could. It was the only thing I had control of with so many uncertainties outside and the world in shambles.
I’m probably 90% plant based now. The only exception is my occasional croissant. It’s easy with lockdown cos I don’t buy any dairy and I only eat what I cook. I think it will be harder out of lockdown. If I see cheese and eggs or a cake in front of me I will most likely eat it but for now out of sight out of mind.

Watch my time lapse art video here:

Delta plus covid-19 variant

Delta plus covid-19 variant

And we thought things couldn’t get worse. Enter Delta plus covid-19 variant. This superspreader variant is 50 percent more transmissible than the original viral strain 
We’ve been in lockdown for over 2 months now and yet the covid cases continue to rise and our hospitals are overflowing with patients fighting for their lives.
It’s getting hard to see an end to this nightmare… Hopefully things will get better when the country is fully vaccinated in a few more months… 🙏

Watch my art video here :

Spanish fly

Spanish fly

Reading the news has it’s good days sometimes. Today in the news in Malaysia, I discovered a new insect called a Spanish fly. It is an emerald green beetle and is the source of a toxic blistering agent once use as an aphrodisiac. Source Wikipedia.

Troll doll

Troll doll

Sketch of a Troll doll. Troll dolls are cute but cyber trolls are not. With the theme of covid and lockdown, we’ve seen the emergence of cyber bullying and pent up anger everywhere and that really saddens me.

Latex gloves

Latex Gloves

I bought these latex gloves last year at the start of the pandemic when all hell broke lose and I was paranoid to the max. Admittedly I have only used them once at the supermarket and decided it was just too silly and inconvenient when I could just spray sanitizer on everything I touched instead. No, I’m not crazy paranoid. 🙊

Pulse oximeter

Finger pulse oximeter

I didn’t have time to sketch earlier so I just did a quick 10 mins sketch of my pulse oximeter. This is a good little gadget to measure the amount of oxygen in your body.

Disinfectant wipes

Alcohol disinfectant wipes

I’ve become that person who doesn’t leave home without a packet of alcohol disinfectant wipes. 😬

Stay safe 🙏

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