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Sunday Hiking in Bukit tinggi πŸŒ²πŸŒΏπŸƒ A6aiole83su

Sunday Hiking in Bukit tinggi. Sunday funday hiking into the jungle to renergize and rebalance, by absorbing negative ions through walking barefoot and connecting with mother nature. πŸŒ²πŸŒΏπŸƒ

An afternoon Hiking in Taman Negara Pulau Pinang (Penang national Park)

Meromictic Lake at Pantai Kerachut, Penang national Park

There are plenty of outdoor activities for the adventurer in Penang.

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Sunday morning activities in KL: Taman Rimba Kota Damansara

Taman rimba kota damansara hiking

Sunday morning activities in KL: Taman Rimba Kota Damansara.

There are many jungle trails in an around klang valley surrounding KL city which doesn’t take a long car ride to get to.

Today we went to kota damansara to check the trail out.

It’s a fairly easy trail which took a total of 2 hours. The routes are marked but there are a few trails to choose. We took the one to the peak which has a view if KL.

A leap of faith. Bungy Jumping New Zealand A.J Hacket 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.37.06 AM
Kawarau bridge bungy jump, Queenstown, New Zealand with A. J. Hacket

A beautiful day to Bungy Jump off Kawarau bridge (43m), Queenstown, New Zealand with pioneers A.J Hacket 2016.
A leap of faith. Nothing is impossible…

Bunjy Jump ticked off my bucket list πŸ™‚

Sketch of the day no 635 in my moleskine art journal: aunt Sally. A traditional British pub game popular in Oxfordshire

Aunt Sally Traditional British Pub Game

I went to visit my mentor ( in the Cotswald in Oxfordshire.Β  It was a beautiful sunny day. We sat in the garden and then we went to the local pub down the road where I discovered Aunt Sally.
So today’s sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is Aunt Sally, a traditional British pub game popular in Oxfordshire and taken very seriously.

#sketch of the day no 515 in my #artjournal: Andy the anteater goes #skiing.


Sketch of the day in my artjournal is Andy the anteater skiing.
I created this character a few years back for a project that didn’t happen. He’s an adventurer. It’s ski season so I thought I’d send him off on holiday in retro ski gear.

KL car free morning June 2014

KL car free morning
KL car free morning

I’ve always envied the Parisiens who had the car free days but finally it had arrived in Kuala Lumpur. Still at its earlier stages, KL is car free every first Sunday of the month. I went last month for the first time. Today, I went with my inline skates. It’s the only time I’m going to be able to use them on the road without being hit by a car. It’s a 7km circuit. Not all the roads are closed off but it is a start. If the project goes well, more roads will be closed and it will be held more often. Locals are encouraged to support this event to make a difference. YEAH! Go green!

See you there next month! πŸ™‚


24 hours in the jungle of Ulu Muda, Malaysia

The boat ride
The hour long boat ride along Ulu Muda river up to the lodge

The aim of this trip was to assist Hymeir, the conservationist who runs Earth Lodge at Ulu Muda to collect the camera traps from the area. He looks after 4 which belongs to WWFΒ  and 2 belongs to him. The camera traps are generally left for about 3 months in the jungle. They run on AA batteries, have night vision and are motion sensored.

When Hymeir asked me if I wanted to join him as a volunteer, of course I grabbed the opportunity. I met Hymeir 6 months ago when I went to Earth Lodge as a visitor. To read about my previous post, click here. MyΒ  trip was cut short that time, when a tree fell on my hut as we were out trekking. I didnt mention it in the previous post, but the tree actually fell on top of our hut, cut it open and landed right on top of my mattress. It could have been the end of me, but I survived to tell the tale and here I am back again! Oh and the place was infested with leeches. If i said millions of them I wouldn’t be exaggerating.

Anyway, back to this trip. We arrived at the lodge at about 3.30pm. A bit later than we wanted because Hymeir had to run some errands on the way. We unpacked our bags and went straight back onto the boat. First mission, to collect all 6 camera traps from the area. We had to take the boat and then trek to access the cameras which were in different areas. Second mission to check on the repair work needed for the hide out. Third mission, to animal watch at dusk.

Hide out
Earth Lodge Hide out
being me
being me
Poachers covered camera with giant leaves
Poachers covered camera with giant leaves
Hymeir removing the camera
Hymeir removing the camera
Tapir skull remains. Shot by illegal hunters
Tapir skull remains. Shot by illegal hunters
Poacher's hide out
Poacher’s hide out

That afternoon, we saw a group of pigmy tail macaques, family of wild boars, a few families of otters, lots of birds like herons, egrets, falcon, eagle, kingfisher, hornbills, butterflies. There was clearly more wildlife than I saw on my first trip. It could be the mating season and the dry season combined. Oh, and hardly any leeches, big bonus!

Family of wild boars
Family of wild boars
Insects found in the lodge in one night
Insects found in the lodge in one night
Moth that looks like a deer and mask
Moth that looks like a deer and mask

After dinner, Hymeir downloaded the footage from the cameras and we viewed with anticipation. The hope is to catch a tiger on camera. Since setting up the cameras, no tiger has been seen, in fact, no tigers has ever been seen in the area. The usual suspects are elephants, tapirs, wild boars, monkeys, samba deers, sun bears, pangolins and small cats. It’s hard to see wildlife in the jungle because they usually come out at night and there are so many places to hide but with the cameras, you know they exist. The footage from the cameras are really amazing. Ive been persuading him and WWF Malaysia to turn them into videos. I’ve planted the seed….possibly in the near future.

So no tigers caught on camera. The bad news is there were a lot of poachers caught on camera, one with a gun. Poaching is a big problem in Malaysia. It’s quite easy to go in to poach because there are no park rangers in the area. There are illegal loggers as well. Sadly, there will be no animals left, and no rainforest left.

The next morning I slept in. I woke up to find Hymeir installing the kitchen cabinet. He is constantly upgrading the place. It’s not so easy to upgrade the place at one go because the only access in is by the small fishing boat. There are trails but logistically it doesn’t make sense to carry the supplies in by foot.

The lodge was built by the government. There are many things both Hymeir and I dislike about the buildings, so we have started discussion on how to improve the place without too many changes. Stay tuned to see what we do!

Earth lodge dining area
Earth lodge dining area


We left in the afternoon. On the way back by boat, as we turned the bend at the famous elephant crossing, I spotted my first wild elephant in Malaysia. I saw a wild elephant in Thailand last year, I’ve seen Elephants on safari but never a wild elephant in my own country. Click here to go to Earth Lodge to read the full story of the elephant encounter.

Wild male elephant
Wild male elephant just spotted us, turns to glare at us and trumpets
wild elephant swimming
wild elephant decides to cross back to the other side
Wild Elephant
Wild Elephant climbing up the river bank
Wild male elephant
Wild male elephant charges at us and trumpets, flapping his ears
wild elephant decides to leave...
wild elephant decides to leave…phew

Got home alive. Planning my next adventure πŸ™‚

Sketch of the day no 291: Matahari ‘Safe climbing’ eco tote with safety message

Safe Climbing tote
Finished product: Safe Climbing tote

This is a collaboration between my brand Matahari and my client ‘Safe Climbing’. My client trains and educates climbers on safety. The message on the tote is to remind rock climbers to climb safe. Rock climbing is not a dangerous sport or profession when you remember to follow the safety procedures.

I designed this a couple on months ago in early Jan 2014. The brief was simply to come up with a design that communicates a safety message to the climber. I got the idea from road safety signs, including using the stickman to relay the message across. Luckily for me, the client approved the design immediately and I didn’t have to make changes.

With the approved design, I got the totes silk screen printed locally. Today, I delivered them to my client. First completed project of the year.

Packing the totes
My day ~ Ironing, Folding and Packing totes

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