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What goes here again? Sorry I forgot…

This is so me! I am so forgetful ;p


Sorry its so late, like always I completely forgot!!! So this week I thought I would talk about being forgetful.

Everyone is forgetful, to some extent but I know for a fact that some are more forgetful than others. I think it is fair the say that there are different categories of forgetfulness. Here they are:

1. Your average Forget Me Not- “Oh no I forgot to put my watch on this morning”

2.The Numpty- “Awww man I brought my German book instead of my French”

3. The Plonker- “Poop, I forgot my packed lunch”

4.The Cotton Wool Head- “Oh, oh deary deary me I think I forgot to lock the front door this morning”

5.The Numbskull- “Shoot I left the car door open and the car is in the car park!!”

6.The Idiot- “Oh my… What have I done!!? I left the dog tied to the lamppost downtown!!!!!”


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Sketch of the day no 501 in my art journal: The first step is the hardest ~ stewart the seagull


Oops almost forgot to post this up. I was a bit busy being tour guide to some friends visiting.
Sketch of the day in my art journal: The first step is the hardest ~ stewart the seagull

Sketch of the day no 489 in my art journal: watermelon frost spray. Traditional Chinese medicine. I am a believer!!!!! :)

Watermelon frost spray

Sketch of the day in my art journal is a traditional Chinese medicine made from watermelon skin.
I had the worst ulcer near my wisdom tooth over the weekend. I mentioned this to a friend and he bought me this to use. I was sceptical that it would work but I was desperate.  It really was painful to eat. I tried it on Saturday afternoon and I was 80% better the next day. Incredible.  It worked like magic.
I am a believer !!!!! 🙂

#Sketch of the day no 453 in my moleskine art journal. Fresh Tumeric is good for your health. Happy Weekend xx

fresh tumeric
fresh tumeric

Today’s sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal using my sharpie pens is a bunch of fresh organic tumeric. Fresh Tumeric is good for your health. It has anti cancer, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. I was so excited to draw this because I didnt know what fresh tumeric looked like until now. I have been using the powder tumeric and was told that this is way better. It looks like ginger but yellow/orange in colour.

I make it into a drink everyday.  Try it! It will be a good boost this festive season.

Happy Weekend xx


#sketch of the day no 451 in my moleskine art journal: Liver and gall bladder flush ingredients.

Live and Gall Bladder flush
Live and Gall Bladder flush

Today’s sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is what I am currently doing. A liver flush to reset my body. It gets rid of gallstones and resets your digestive system, which is the basis of our health.

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Never put up with verbal nor physical violence


If you are living with violence, you must protect yourself and your children and get out. We all go into a relationship feeling love and having dreams. Your wedding day was just what you had wanted it to be. You had a beautiful honeymoon and you were so happy and so in love. It was a perfect wedding night.

Now, you are dressing for dinner. The two of you had had such a lovely afternoon and a delicious dinner. People toasted you in the dining room and when the band began to place you danced in your husband’s arms. A nice man asked to dance with you, but your husband said no. He was pretty quiet for the rest of the evening.

He decided you were going to go up to your room. You didn’t really want to leave but tomorrow was sightseeing. He says nothing on the way to…

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#Doodle art of the day. Nothing can bring you #peace but yourself. Set your spirit free


I sketch, I doodle, I create because this makes me happy, and I’m at peace with it.

“Nothing can bring Peace but yourself” ~—

What do you do to make you happy and at peace with yourself?

Sunday, a day to reflect. Paulo Coelho on signs and omens

It’s been a busy hectic week for work and emotions have run high. My monkey mind is all over the place. Lack of sleep. Sunday is a day to reflect. I’m watching Paulo Coelho on signs.

Don’t miss the signs because we want to over complicate things. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us but we have to be open minded to see the solutions.


Sketch of the day no 371: Coconut miracle water


I’m in love with the fresh coconut. It is delicious, refreshing chilled and hydrating. These are the health benefits of coconut water. What I call the miracle water:

1. Low calorie, low fat and low sugar

2. High in potassium

3. Contains natural electrolytes and minerals

4. Anti ageing

Coconut oil is great too! I use that for my skin and my hair. I buy them bottled and use it everyday. Coconut milk is used a lot in curries but I’m not so sure if that’s so healthy.


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