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Sketch of the day

My daily art in my Moleskine sketchbook

Welcome home dragonflies

Dragonfly art in pastel

The dragonflies are back in full force. I wonder where they go to when they are not around the area. Always happy to see them. They really bring me joy.
Pastels on textured paper.

Osmanthus flowers

Osmanthus flowers

Pastel drawing of osmanthus flowers.
They bloom during this time of the year and is a symbol of love and romance.

Mid autumn festival : legend of the rabbit and the moon

Rabbit and the moon

Today I’m taking a break from photoshop and I decided to experiment with some pastels. Still on the theme of the full moon festival. We have here the rabbit who lives on the moon. If you look up at the moon carefully tonight or the next couple ofย  nights when it’s still full moon,ย  you may catch a glimpse of the rabbit ๐Ÿฐ

Succulents and cactus

Succulents and cactus botanical drawing

What can’t you live without?

My sketchbook is my most loyal companion that has stuck by me through thick and thin. It’s brought me so much joy and it’s carried me through so many sad days.

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Peace Lily drawing

Peace lily drawing

I’ve missed drawing in my sketchbook after all the digital work. It’s so much more natural drawing on paper compared to my tablet. I guess I’m really old school as this is how I’ve drawn from the start and the change to digital drawing is so draining, however it is satisfying learning new skills.

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Variegated oregano

Variegated oregano

Today’s sketch of the day is of the pot of Variegated Oregano from my best friend’s garden to add to my collection of indoor plants. If I cannot go out to play, at least my apartment has become a little oasis of calm with lots of plants that I can enjoy whilst stuck in lockdown.

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Who remembers Slurpee? And getting a brain ๐Ÿง  freeze from it.

Milo chocolate malt drink

Retro Milo

Who remembers Milo chocolate malt drink? In Malaysia, we have the Milo van. It was the best! Imagine the joy of seeing the Milo van ๐Ÿšš outside school on a hot day. I think it’s our equivalent of the Mr Whippy soft ice cream van.

Coconut candy

Coconut candy

Happy Monday.
This is another childhood favourite of mine. Who’s familiar with these coconut candy ๐Ÿฌ ?

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