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Of spaces in between

Of Spaces in Between

I’m excited to announce that I will be participating in this upcoming group art exhibition located in 2 art galleries in 2 cities in Malaysia.

Of Spaces in Between is a visual feast that celebrates diversity, multiplicity, and complexity.
Playing with the idea of duality, each artist was tasked to create two artworks, with one of each pairings displayed in two gallery spaces – Hin Bus Depot, Georgetown and ZHAN Art | Space, Petaling Jaya.

By using Augmented Reality (AR), viewers will get to witness both works simultaneously – each form of viewing providing varied embodiments of experiences and approaches to viewing art. This further extends the way we explore and uncover art through physical, imaginative, and immersive surroundings.
Curated by Ivan Gabriel

Of Spaces in Between – Hin Bus Depot, Penang
Of Spaces in Between – Zhan Art Space, Petaling Jaya

Participating Artists : Aboud Fares | Ajim Juxta | bibichun | Christine Das | ERYN | Esther Geh | Firdauz Baharudin | Haris Rashid | Hao Yuan Cheng | Kangblabla | Kimberley Boudville + Silas Oo | Madhvee Deb | Maizul Affendy | Mandy Maung | Mawar | Mona KV | Rekha Menon | Sharon Kow | Sliz | sumidik | Tiffany Choong | White Bones

Supported by : Penang Art District | PERK Reality | Hin Bus Depot | ZHAN Art|Space

Painting of Chinese vase

Chinese vase

Painting of the day. Chinese vase from my own collection. I love Chinese antiques and I am a hoarder. Comment if you are too!

Acrylic on paper. Size A4

Watch my YouTube channel here

Painting of Chinese Dragon Vase

Chinese Dragon vase

Painting of the day. Painting Chinese objects helps me deal with the loss of my parents. It’s a way of processing my emotions without having to go to therapy and it’s cheaper too.

Dragon vase.
Acrylic on paper.
Size A4

Watch my YouTube video here

Penang Street art revisited. The Seagull and crow

Stewart the seagull is back in Penang and the crow is dead.

After a long absence, Stewart the seagull is back, and the crow is dead. The original Street art was painted over by another giant mural.

Original location of Seagull and crow Street art. The Indian boatman, Penang
Get a Life Sometimes I still Dream……Stewart the Seagul, Get a life says the Crow
Street art Penang style captured the original mural

Kecik kecik group show at Hin Bus Depot, Penang, Malaysia

Kecik kecik group show

Kecik kecik group art exhibition opens at Hin bus depot
I have 1 artwork there for sale. More than 150 artworks are for sale at RM2000 and below. This is our equivalent of the affordable art fair where there will be something for everyone. This is a great opportunity to own a piece of original art from your favourite artists.

On top of the world.(The hungry red eyed tree frog)
Size 1ft x 1ft
Acrylic in canvas
Price Rm 1200 (USD 270)

On top of the world

This art work titled on top of the world is the opposite of our local saying Katak dibawah temperung (frog under the shell)

Official launch of Kecik kecik group show
A huge turnout at the Official launch of Kecik kecik group show
Kecik kecik group show

Augmented reality Art exhibition at ARmenian park, Penang

AR Art exhibition by Perk reality

Opens tomorrow at ARmenian park.
If you’re in Penang go check out this AUGMENTED REALITY ART EXHIBITION celebrating international womens day.

Download Perk reality app on Google play or Apple store. Scan the signboards at ARmenian park. See the artworks come to life.

It’s so exciting to be part of this exhibition because the Perk reality app has made it possible to view artworks in a beautiful outdoor space anytime of the day come rain or shine.

Blue and white ginger jars

I have 3 artworks being featured in this augmented reality exhibition in the park. I chose these three paintings because the park is in the heart of Penang heritage zone and this series celebrates my Chinese heritage as well as my Malaysian nationality.

Biro drawing of pigeon

Pigeon drawing

Biro sketch of pigeon outside the balcony. Pigeons are symbols of good fortune, but they are very messy…

Biro drawing of Eurasian tree sparrow

Eurasian tree sparrow

Keeping it simple with a biro sketch of an Eurasian tree sparrow.  It’s currently building a nest in the window.

Biro pet Portrait of Tequila the Princess dog

Biro art dog portrait

Tequila the Princess dog. It’s so hard to please her. She’s quite a fusspot. Shhh don’t let her hear me say that 🤭🤫

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