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How to make an easy DIY face shield in 5 mins

Face mask and face shield combo

Hello! Welcome to my art tutorial #2

Can’t get a facemask? Make your own in 5 mins!!!!

Watch my how to make an easy DIY no sew face shield mask tutorial video that takes 5 mins to make.

Materials you need are:
A4 size Plastic sheet
Sponge tape
Rubber band or string
Hole punch
Cutting board

Hope you enjoy my face shield tutorial.

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Little Penang Street Market, Last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road, #PENANG, #MALAYSIA


Trishaw eco tote by BulanLifestyle
Get your own Trishaw eco tote by BulanLifestyle RM49

My Friends and I decided to get a stall At Little Penang Street Market yesterday. We shared 2 tables between the 3 of us. It made it more fun as a group activity and less like a chore. It was the first time I was showcasing my new trishaw totes and the handmade cards.

Little Penang Street Market is a showcase of arts, crafts and live performances held every last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road.

Little Penang Street Market is a non-profit making community venture, organised by a small volunteer committee. It is organised under the umbrella of Penang Arts Council, a registered society founded in 1954.

The Little Penang Street Market was founded in July 2006 with a grant from the Institute for Cultural Enterprise, New York. Its establishment in the first year was spearheaded by Lestari Heritage Network. From the beginning it has been our philosophy to establish a “market place” for cultural entrepreneurs. Artists, musicians and entrepreneurs need access to their audience and customers, while the public wants to discover a diversity of talent and products.
By providing a “market place”, we thereby create a space for cultural incubation and creative evolution – entrepreneurs can meet their public and get real feedback on what they have to offer.

Our stall at Little Penang street Market

Jewellery by Rantai 

At our stall, Little Penang Street Market

Handmade cards by Bulanlifestyle

Hand made paper ear rings by Rantai

Little Penang St Market Performers
Little Penang St Market Performers getting ready

Cultural performances at Little Penang st market

the otehr stalls: Hand made bags

The other stalls: Hand made pouches and origami jewellery

Support local Penang products




Chairs for Chairity, a cancer awareness campaign featured in the Edge newspaper

Chairity for cancer 2014
Chairity for cancer 2014


The chairs by 15th Malaysian artists and designers will be auctioned off on Thursday 15th May 2014 at the Edge Gallerie, Publika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Chairity for National Cancer Society Malaysia

Chairity 2014
Chairity 2014

Today I finally got to see my chair fully upholstered as a finished product. I went to the National Cancer society office to check out my Chair for Chairity, a cancer awareness campaign organised by National Cancer Society Malaysia. My chair and the other 14 fabulous chairs by Malaysia’s top artists will be auctioned off on Thursday 15th May at the Edge Gallerie at Publika to raise money for the cancer charity.

I’m so happy with the end result. I was a bit scared in anticipation but I was so relieved when I saw it.

12 chairs have been designed by Malaysia’s top artists and 2 chairs are by invitation, one of them is mine 🙂

You can read about how I came up with the chair design in my previous post. Click here

More info to follow!

Sketch of the day no 303: DIY Pink Ginger art bag for my eco warrior days out

DIY Pink Ginger art bag
DIY Pink Ginger art bag


I didnt have a personalised utilatarian bag for my Earth hour walk last night so I decided to paint on this old messenger bag that I had. Now that I’ve given it a new lease of life, I’m going to use it more often!

I chose this Pink Ginger plant because it is native to Malaysia and it’s an idea of mine to start a range of drawings of Malaysian wildlife and plants. Another new project, I have to remember this one.

Sketch of the day no: 260 and how to make Papier-mâché Horse

Horse papier-mâché
Horse papier-mâché

This is the second Papier-mâché animal that I made. This was a collaboration with my friend Sue Tan. If you remembered I made the duck earlier and now this is the horse. These were made for our good friend’s birthday.

Step one: Outline the shape of the horse on cardboard with a market pen

Step two: Cut out the shape of the horse and glue on some sticks to support the legs, making sure you leave an extra inch at the end of the legs.

Step three: Make the glue. We used flour and warm water mix in a bowl.

Step four: Cut out strips of newspaper. Dip the newspaper in the glue and wrap around the cardboard horse until it takes shape. This part is quite tedious but worth the patience as the form is build up.

Step five: Cut out wrapping paper or whatever you want as the final layer. We used Chinese New Year packets.

Step six: Let the horse papier mache dry completely

Step seven: Use lacquer or varnish to seal the horse. You may need a few coats.

Step eight: Make a stand out of styrofoam and cardboard. The internal sturcture is a piece of styrofoam I found from my old computer box. I then covered it with cardboard. Punctured holes in the top of the cardboard stand and slot the horse sticks in it. Use glue to secure.

Et Voila! The final product ;p

Papier-mâché horse finished
Papier-mâché horse finished

Papier-mâché horse and duck
Papier-mâché horse and duck

I had to redo yesterday’s horse sketch because my friend didn’t like it. So here it is version 2 just for you SUE TAN ;p

Chinese New Year Horse
Chinese New Year Horse


Sketch of the day 254: Duck


I made this papier mache duck for my friend’s birthday. He’s someone who has everything but he also loves ducks, so I made him one ;p

1. Duck process 2. Duck papier maches

Sketch of the day no 253: Chair design for Chairity

Chair design
Chair design

I’ve been working on this little project over the month of December. It’s a project for Charity. The image above was the concept I came up with and then I started to paint. The photos below is what I did with the fabric. Halfway through I came up with the design for the back of the chair.


How to refashion, restyle and rewear your old dress

Cheong sam refashion
Cheong sam refashion

Last weekend my friend threw a themed birthday party. “Roaring Shanghai” Obviously I had nothing to wear. I searched my wardrobe and found this old Cheong Sam I bought a long time ago for a wedding. Never wore it again. It made me look like a Chinese waitress. Since I am a poor artist, I refused to shop for something new. I took out my scissors and sewing kit. Chopped off the formal dress and made it into a short outfit. I paired it with a pink belt and a found an old fluffy turquoise fan to complete the look. Et Voila, perfect outfit for the party. Money spent $0.

The complete outfit
The complete outfit


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