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Bulan Totes

Sheba the French bulldog tote.

14567573_1232852543402170_659744575261972355_o.jpgSheba the French bulldog tote.

I met Sheba in East London a couple of years ago outside a vintage shop and decided to do a sketch of her and now she’s on my products. I don’t often promote my products but I do sell stuff online if anyone is interested. How else would an artist survive?

This is available from my BulanLifestyle store.

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Check out my pineapple, trishaw and tiffin carrier totes at MYDesign exhibition by George Town Festival this weekend

MyDesign by George Town Festival, Penang
MyDesign by George Town Festival, Penang

A bit of self promotion. I have to blog about this. Please do go check out my pineapple, trishaw and tiffin carrier totes at MYDesign exhibition by George Town Festival this weekend at 212 Beach street, Penang 💕💙💛💜

For more info go to

See you there xx

Sketch of the day no 486 in my art journal: happy Sunday


When you do things with love and passion, you will find peace and joy
Happy Sunday! XOXO

Sketch of the day no 380: Peter the Peace Loving Pelican #Moleskine

Peter the Peace Loving Pelican
Peter the Peace Loving Pelican

This is the original sketch of Peter the Pelican in my Moleskine sketchbook. Below is the Digitally enhanced version I posted a few days ago.

Peter the Pelican Peace, Love, Unity
Peter the Pelican Peace, Love, Unity
Peter the pelican tote
Peter the pelican tote

Peter the Pelican tote available from Society 6 shop

Matahari Pineapple eco totes are now available at Lang Hoose, Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang

Lang Hoose
Lang Hoose

Matahari Pineapple totes are now available at the newly opened family run Lang Hoose hotel and cafe in George town, Penang. I’m really selective when it comes to placing my products. I have to like the retailer and the look and feel of the place has to be in line with my brand. I like Lang Hoose because they use a lot of recycled materials and welcome nature instead of destroying it. This place has soul. The couple running it are welcoming and friendly. They even run weekend activities for kids.

If you ever pass by George town, Penang, I would recommend to stay here 🙂


Natural wall

Roof bar
Roof bar

Sketch of the day no 303: DIY Pink Ginger art bag for my eco warrior days out

DIY Pink Ginger art bag
DIY Pink Ginger art bag


I didnt have a personalised utilatarian bag for my Earth hour walk last night so I decided to paint on this old messenger bag that I had. Now that I’ve given it a new lease of life, I’m going to use it more often!

I chose this Pink Ginger plant because it is native to Malaysia and it’s an idea of mine to start a range of drawings of Malaysian wildlife and plants. Another new project, I have to remember this one.

Sketch of the day no 291: Matahari ‘Safe climbing’ eco tote with safety message

Safe Climbing tote
Finished product: Safe Climbing tote

This is a collaboration between my brand Matahari and my client ‘Safe Climbing’. My client trains and educates climbers on safety. The message on the tote is to remind rock climbers to climb safe. Rock climbing is not a dangerous sport or profession when you remember to follow the safety procedures.

I designed this a couple on months ago in early Jan 2014. The brief was simply to come up with a design that communicates a safety message to the climber. I got the idea from road safety signs, including using the stickman to relay the message across. Luckily for me, the client approved the design immediately and I didn’t have to make changes.

With the approved design, I got the totes silk screen printed locally. Today, I delivered them to my client. First completed project of the year.

Packing the totes
My day ~ Ironing, Folding and Packing totes

My latest Dog series Luggage tag designs

People I meet always ask me what I do. I’m not good at talking about myself. It’s taken me a long time of training to give a proper answer. For the longest time I would tell people I did nothing. It usually ended there.

Now, I tell them I’m an illustrator. That’s always not enough. I have to explain what I do. I’m not too sure sometimes what I do so it’s confusing. I tell them I draw and sketch. What do you sketch? I sketch anything but mainly animals, flowers and nature. What do you do with your sketches? Well, here is an example of what happens to my sketches. I develop them into designs which I upload onto my online store.

Have a glorious week everyone!

Animal Farm Check Collection Totes By

Check collection tote
Check collection tote

I love checks and stripes. I have started a check collection for my Animal Farm series. These are cotton totes available to buy from my online shop 🙂

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