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Bulan characters

Bulan animal farm are original characters developed by us here at Bulan.

Biro pen drawing of cat

Biro pen drawing of cat

Biro pen drawing of Mr Jones the cat

Wilma the Warthog pen drawing

Pen drawing of Warthog

Happy Monday my friends. I forgot to post all these sketches from my recent visit to the London zoo. Meet Wilma the Warthog. She is absolutely adorable 💕

Grey Squirrel biro pen drawing

Grey squirrel pen drawing

I went for a walk to Regents Park and met this super cute squirrel. We became instant friends and I’ve named him Simon 💕

Wishing you all a Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a Happy Easter Sunday and a happy full moon from London.

It’s crazy how time has been flying by and it seems like just yesterday we ushered in the new year.

Peace and love to you all ❤️

Pen drawing of a horse

Jill the polo pony

This pen drawing is in memory of Jill the polo pony. 🐴❤️ May she RIP 🙏

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I am the Tiger

Chinese Tiger painting

Drawing of tiger, inspired by ZHAO SHAO’ANG (1905-1998), HE QIYUAN (1899-1970), ETC. | Tiger in the Bush
I love Chinese paintings. The old masters were copied over and over by artists because the paintings are not just about the subject, but also the artist. The energy and brush strokes of the artist give life to the subject depicted. Chinese aesthetics also value simplicity and breathing space. It’s interesting to compare the differences in the approach to art and philosophy between the East and West.

Hear me roar!

Chinese tiger drawing

Hear me roar! 🐯
We are soon ushering in the year of the tiger and I must say I do love tigers.
Tigers symbolize power, bravery and drives away evil spirits.
This Sketch of a traditional Chinese tiger art outside a temple in my hometown is placed there as a guardian to protect the entrance.
This is week 6 of my hand rehab and drawing everyday helps the healing process. I’m learning to draw with my non dominant hand as proof that practice makes your a better artist.

International bat week

Fruit bat

This week we celebrate the Bat 🦇
They are amazing creatures who play an important role in our ecosystem, pollinating flowers, fruits and eating insects.
I have a resident fruit bat I’ve named Betsy who lives in the eaves outside my kitchen window.

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Fred the red eyed tree frog

Red eyed tree frog

Fred the red eyed tree frog 
I painted this quite some time ago and here he is in animation. I’m quite slow with the animation as I’m still learning and my computer is so slow but it’s been fun learning new skills. My dream is to bring all my animal characters to live!! They’ve been talking to me a lot. I owe them that. I will try.

Watch the animation here :

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