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Drawing of Lemon the cat in my moleskine sketchbook

Cat illustration

Happy Sunday my friends. Here is a drawing of Lemon the cat who’s always judging me… 🐈

Illustration of a clever cat

Cat portrait

Does your cat do any tricks? This cat rings the bell when he’s hungry 🐈

Watch my art process video here and see the cat do his trick 🛎️🐈

Illustration of Yeti the ragdoll cat

I hate Mondays 😾

Hello hello. I can’t believe another week has gone by!!

I hate Mondays, says Yeti the cat.

How about you ?
This one is for all cat people out there 🐈

Watch my art process video here

Illustration of Eddy the cat

Eddy the cat

This one is for cat lovers. Illustration of cat using pen and acrylic paint.
This is Eddy the cat, “Where have you been all day?” he’s not impressed that my friend was out all day… 😾

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Queens Platinum Jubilee series #5: Corgi in Windsor.

Corgi in Windsor

Who loves dogs?
Queens Platinum Jubilee series #5: Corgi in Windsor.
Acrylic paint on old Great Britain Road Atlas.

I met this little corgi last weekend at Stratford whilst getting soft serve ice cream. He was really sweet and he made the cut to be featured in my Queens Platinum Jubilee series 💕

Queens Platinum Jubilee Series #4 Dartmoor Pony.

Dartmoor pony

I’m really enjoying painting on the old road atlas of Great Britain. Who knew upcycling could be so fun.

Queens Platinum Jubilee Series #4 Dartmoor Pony.

Acrylic on old Great Britain Road Atlas.

Biro pen drawing of Chow Chow

Biro pen drawing of Chow Chow dog breed

Biro pen drawing of very cute Chow Chow dog I keep on seeing in Regents Park London.

Biro pen drawing of Pasta the Dog

Pen drawing of dog

Biro pen drawing of Pasta the Dog

Biro pen drawing of two toed Sloth

Two toed sloth drawing

Mama and baby Two Toe sloth biro pen drawing. My visit to the London zoo was really productive 🦥

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