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Biro drawing of Sugar Glider

Drawing of Sugar Glider

Drawing takes my mind off worrying about life. Today’s Sketch of the day is of Binky the sugar glider and his favourite friend Teddy.
Biro pen in my moleskine sketchbook.

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Biro drawing of urban fox

Drawing of London urban fox

Fred the Fox came to visit this Monday morning and I managed to see him because he was noisily rummaging through the rubbish bags. He must have been really hungry to scale the fencing but do feel really awful for him as there was nothing to eat…🦊

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Biro drawing of Bertie the Brown rat

Drawing of Brown rat

Bertie, the Brown rat.  Apparently he can eat through anything AND he can hold his breath underwater for days. He’s a super rat and he’s rather posh as he lives in Kensington 🐀
Biro pen in my moleskine sketchbook.

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Biro drawing of pigeon

Pigeon drawing

Biro sketch of pigeon outside the balcony. Pigeons are symbols of good fortune, but they are very messy…

Biro drawing of Eurasian tree sparrow

Eurasian tree sparrow

Keeping it simple with a biro sketch of an Eurasian tree sparrow.  It’s currently building a nest in the window.

Biro pet Portrait of Tequila the Princess dog

Biro art dog portrait

Tequila the Princess dog. It’s so hard to please her. She’s quite a fusspot. Shhh don’t let her hear me say that 🤭🤫

Portrait of Lemon the cat in biro

Cat portrait in biro

Lemon’s not impressed with her cat portrait 
Eat, sleep, poop 😼

Portrait of Morgan the dog in biro

Portrait of dog in biro

Everyday is a joy with Morgan the rescue dog. 🐶
I haven’t used my sketchbook for a while now and no better time to start since I’m away from home. I have streamlined my traveling drawings to just using a biro.

Tiger Moth illustration

Tiger Moth illustration

If I see it, I’m going to draw it. It’s always just a matter of when. I spotted this Moth on Sunday. I love spotting random insects when I’m out and about. It’s a reminder that we need to take the time to slow down to appreciate the small things in life…

Tiger Moth.
Acrylic on paper.

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