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Queens Platinum Jubilee series #6 : Union Jack umbrella ☔

Union Jack umbrella

Any guesses which is the rainiest city in Britain?
Queens Platinum Jubilee series #6 : Union Jack umbrella ☔
Acrylic on old Great Britain Road Atlas.

Haw flakes

Haw flakes

Haw flakes. A Chinese candy made of Hawthorn. This was a childhood staple.
Lockdown hasn’t been easy on any of us and I hope my illustrations of childhood sweets will bring back some good memories for all of us to push through some challenging moments.

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Book launch of Fear Not by Dublin poet Stephen James Smith

At the book launch of Fear Not by Dublin poet Stephen James Smith at the Embassy of Ireland, London.
In 2017 St Patrick’s Festival commissioned him to write a poem and ‘My Ireland’ was born. It was screened at trafalgar Square on St Patrick’s day this year.
Go buy the book and watch his poetry videos
P. S my illustrations made the cut. Woop woop. Fear not. ❤️

Fear not by Stephen James Smith featuring Stephen the seagull

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Iconic Fabric market in HK about to close down

I recently visited HK with my BFF Sue Tan and one morning we followed our friend Divya Kolady, Al Jazeera’s foreign correspondence to work in Kowloon and got caught on camera shopping at this Iconic fabric market in Sham Shui Po 😂
This Iconic fabric market has been around for 40 years and finally the local council is shutting it down. It has served as a meeting point for the local community and fashion designers. The stall vendors will be relocated to a mall but most of them will not be able to afford rent. What is the price for progress? 🤔🤓 

Escape to Bangkok. Travel with us on our short city break.

Escape to Bangkok. Travel with us on our short city break.

PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen by Piko Taro

Make your own music video of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen PPAP by Kosaka Daimaou, who goes by the name DJ Piko-Taro.
This was filmed this Cold Storage supermarket because I could not afford to buy the props.
Props courtesy of Cold Storage, Penang, Malaysia.

No fruits (including pineapple and apple) were damaged in the filming of this video.
Video filmed by Sue Tan

A night in Penang. The end. By Brian Martin-Onraet and Tiffany Choong. (The End)

776 Tiger
Tony the tiger….I’m strong enough to walk alone.

A night in Penang. (The end.)

A short story By Brian Martin-Onraet and illustrated by Tiffany Choong.

Previously on “A night in Penang”: Felicity the flamingo, Gary the gecko and Sock the Gremlin have asked for Stéphanie Lung’s help to free their friends abducted by animal smugglers. Their first stop was to liberate Twiggy the giraffe and Tony the vegetarian tiger. As a guard came shouting they all fled to the street.…

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A night in Penang. By Brian Martin-Onraet and Tiffany Choong.

6. Penang door 5
Old Penang doors

A night in Penang.

By Brian Martin-Onraet and illustrated by Tiffany Choong.

“They will die if we do nothing,” Felicity said, pacing on the crazy pavement by the pool.

“Felicity, tokek,” Gary said, “please stop pacing, tokek, you’re driving me crazy, tokek.”

“Gary,” Felicity said, “stop with your tokek, it is driving ME crazy.”

“Sorry, Fel’, it’s a tokek, I mean, a tick. Tokek. I agree with you, tokek, they will die, but what can we do? We’re helpless. Tokek.”

Felicity said nothing. Kept pacing around the swimming pool. Looked up at Bulan, the Moon, in full splendour in the starry Penang night. She stopped. Looked at the pool. Then at Bulan again, looked at Gary. Started pacing again.

The fault lies not in our stars,” she said, “but in ourselves *. WE have to find a solution. Sock? Any thoughts?”

“Gan’t garely greathe, let alone think,” Sock said.

“Take your bl..dy mask off, for Pete’s sake,” Felicity said. Sock removed his mask. Coughed and said: “It’s the forest fires, the air is… choking. Cough, cough!”

“What a lot!” Felicity said. “I repeat: Our. Friends. Will. Die…”

“If we do nothing. Tokek. We know. Tokek. What do you suggest Fel’?”

Felicity stood still. Looked up at Bulan again.

“I know! I know! There is a solution! Stéphanie! She can help us!”

“The little girl?” Sock said. “But, but…”

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Star Wars, one more sleep before The force awakens…


star wars X-wing fighter
One more sleep before I watch Star Wars the force awakens. I’ve heard great reviews. Have you seen it? What did you think?

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