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Blue and White Ginger Jar art prints

Hello everyone. There is always so much to do and uploading my art for sale should be a priority for an artist.

I’m slowly uploading some new artworks to my Zazzle store so you can get hold of one of my art prints easily. It ships worldwide and the price starts at USD7.65 for a postcard size. You can also choose to download and print yourself.

If there is anything you’ve seen on my blog but I have not uploaded to my shop, do let me know in the comments below.

Thank you and have a beautiful week


Of spaces in between

Of Spaces in Between

I’m excited to announce that I will be participating in this upcoming group art exhibition located in 2 art galleries in 2 cities in Malaysia.

Of Spaces in Between is a visual feast that celebrates diversity, multiplicity, and complexity.
Playing with the idea of duality, each artist was tasked to create two artworks, with one of each pairings displayed in two gallery spaces – Hin Bus Depot, Georgetown and ZHAN Art | Space, Petaling Jaya.

By using Augmented Reality (AR), viewers will get to witness both works simultaneously – each form of viewing providing varied embodiments of experiences and approaches to viewing art. This further extends the way we explore and uncover art through physical, imaginative, and immersive surroundings.
Curated by Ivan Gabriel

Of Spaces in Between – Hin Bus Depot, Penang
Of Spaces in Between – Zhan Art Space, Petaling Jaya

Participating Artists : Aboud Fares | Ajim Juxta | bibichun | Christine Das | ERYN | Esther Geh | Firdauz Baharudin | Haris Rashid | Hao Yuan Cheng | Kangblabla | Kimberley Boudville + Silas Oo | Madhvee Deb | Maizul Affendy | Mandy Maung | Mawar | Mona KV | Rekha Menon | Sharon Kow | Sliz | sumidik | Tiffany Choong | White Bones

Supported by : Penang Art District | PERK Reality | Hin Bus Depot | ZHAN Art|Space

Kitchen table magazine. A celebration of food

Kitchen table magazine #5: the roots issue

Kitchen table magazine is an independent magazine celebrating food and the community. It is founded and published by Brett Warnock.

My art has been featured in issue #4 and will be in this issue #5 as well.

He needs help to get issue #5 published. Follow link below to the crowd funding page

Do check it out and help spread the word. Thank you. πŸ’•

Retro treats part 2 by Tiffany Choong

Which wine are you according to the Chinese Zodiac?

Which wine are you according to the Chinese Zodiac? By UMAMU estate

Which wine are you according to the Chinese Zodiac. This pairing was created by UMAMU Estate.

Follow the link to read more


UMAMU Estate x BulanLifestyle. Wine x Art pairing.

UMAMU Estate. 2019 MacAnn Sparkling
UMAMU Estate. 2019 MacAnn Sparkling

⭐Let’s celebrate life! ⭐
It’s time to celebrate every success and achievement because all the pandemic doom and gloom needs to be rebalanced with some positivity.

It is a real privilege and honour to have collaborated with UMAMU estate, producers of award winning wines in Margaret River, Australia. What better pairing than art and wine!
The Dragonfly symbolises harmony, change and new beginnings.

2019 UMAMU Estate MacAnn Sparkling
“MacAnn Sparkling is a wine for celebrations and especially when celebrating life. ‘

Cheers to life πŸ₯‚
Go to more info on the wines
Photocredit UMAMU Estate.

The Dusky leaf monkey for LangUR art Exhibition in Penang.

Dusky leaf monkey painting for LangUR Exhibition

Golden Hour πŸ’› β­πŸ’›
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
Size: 76 x 61 cm

It is a privilege to be showing at the Penang State Art Gallery for  LangUR: Building Bridge Between Our Worlds art exhibition curated by Ivan Gabriel for the Penang State museum to raise awareness of our Endangered Dusky Leaf monkeys and to raise funds for the Langur project Penang.

I’ve been intrigued by these monkeys ever since the first time I spotted them hiking up Penang Hill. It used to be rare to spot them as they are very shy and they live in the deep forest, but in recent years, they have become easier to spot as they have been flushed out of the forest into the urban landscape.
They give birth to golden babies which stay golden for about 6 months. It is believed that they are golden orange because predators can’t see this colour and works well as a form of camouflage.
It works so well that I have never spotted a golden baby. All my friends know how much I want to see one in the wild and I do hope I get to see one soon.
In this artwork, The mother and baby langur sits on a tree branch in a meditative pose at sunset, surrounded by the lush tropical rainforest, with the racket tailed drongo watching over them, and a butterfly in the distance.
My artwork is inspired by my encounters with the langur troops, the desire to see a golden baby and my dreams and hopes for a better world.

Wishing my Muslim friends Ramadan Kareem and selamat berpuasa.

Ramadan Kareem. Selamat berpuasa.

Wishing all my Muslim friends Ramadan Kareem for tomorrow.

Selamat berpuasa πŸŒ™πŸŒŸ

Healthcare heroes virtual exhibition on Google arts and culture

I am extremely proud to be part of this permanent online exhibition on Google arts and Culture made possible by award winning artist Tom Croft in partnership with Google arts and culture and Paintings in Hospitals.
The virtual exhibition is to put faces on the healthcare heroes who are risking their lives every single day, keeping us safe during this difficult time.
During lockdown, like many people, I felt extremely helpless and anxious. When I found out about this project I wanted to be part of it, but I hesitated for a long time because portraits is not what I do. I managed to get over myself eventually and painted a portrait of my friend Professor Janice Tsui. She is an amazing person and she inspires me with her dedication to her work.
Thank you for giving me permission to submit your portrait for this exhibition. πŸ’•

Check out the virtual exhibition in the link below. My submission is under the section ‘Personality in PPE’

Ping ping the Panda

Ping ping the baby Panda

I started painting baby animals after i painted my first baby sunbird born on my balcony in mid March. Around the same time, I read in the news that a pair of panda twins were born in Chengdu zoo. It inspired me start a series of baby animals born during lockdown. This is Ping ping the baby panda. The name means Safe in  Chinese.

Ping Ping the Panda
Acrylic on paper
Size A4
Price USD 150 (free worldwide shipping)

You can watch the pandas here

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