White flag movement Malaysia #BenderaPutih

The White Flag Movement, started by Malaysians, is a way to seek assistance from the community.
Raise the white flag if you need help.
We stand together in Solidarity to look after each other. 🙏

The pandemic and lockdown has been difficult for all of us and many people everywhere are struggling to survive.

In Malaysia, people are struggling to survive, many are going hungry with no hope of help in sight.

The White Flag Movement gives a voice to those silently suffering and it’s a visual cue to reach out to their community without begging or being judged. It’s a lifeline and help has quickly been pouring in to assist those in need.

This movement is bringing Malaysians together, uniting us with a common mission to carry each other through the bad times. We have to help ourselves because nobody else is going to save us.

The unity and solidarity sparked by this movement, however heartbreaking the stories emerging may be, has shown me hope, hope of a better caring society, and a more profound belief in Humanity. 🙏