Portrait in the style of old Shanghai

This week I’m conquering my fears and focusing on portraits so since I’m on a portrait roll, here’s another portrait reveal which I painted recently. I used my cousin as a practice subject and injected some old world Shanghai charm into it.

For me I’m treating my portraits like my other subjects, which is my way of visual story telling. I do spend a lot of time reflecting and talking to my art, it’s a personal conversation I have in my head that is then translated onto paper. Sometimes the translation works, sometimes it doesn’t but every piece is a step forward, ok sometimes sideways or backwards but always moving, always learning and growing. .
People tell me I’m a natural and I’m so good at art, no I’m not a natural and I’m not good at art, I’m just determined to follow a passion and put in the practice to get good at it. A good example is nobody was born naturally able to run or walk, you spent years practicing how to walk and then to run. How far and how fast you can then run depends on your passion.
Art is my passion and I will run a marathon for it.

Once upon a time in Shanghai…
Acrylic on paper
Size A4