Portrait artist of the week: Will Young

Breaking out of my comfort zone…

I have previously shunned portraits because embarrassingly for an artist, I have a problem with face recognition, and technically portraits is a challenging subject. I am however starting to enjoy it as an exercise in intense observation, and maybe I will start to recognise people better 😂🤣😂

Last Sunday, I accidentally embarked on a challenging portrait painting experience whilst watching award winning artist Christian Hook for 4 hours as he painted Will Young on Sky TV FB live.

About 10 mins in, I forgot my mental block, picked up my art supplies and joined in. This mad marathon session turned out to be so much fun. I forgot to eat, my back was killing me, but the sense of accomplishment was worth it, and I am happy to be part of this art community.

This is my finished portrait.
Size A4
Acrylic on paper