Frangipani flower

Like the sun, life spread it’s light in all direction. ~Paulo Coelho ☀️

It’s covid-19 lockdown day 47/56 in Malaysia.

Sketch of the day no 1357 in my moleskine sketchbook: Frangipani flowers for my gorgeous and talented childhood friend Katrin Forster

I have looked up to you like a sister when we were kids and followed you everywhere. I have a huge scar on my head from too much play, but it’s taught me to be able to pick myself up from every fall, and that experience will always connect me to you.
Our paths have criss-crossed throughout time and place and here we are both artists because you have lead the way and your courage, your independence and your free spirit, have inspired me to follow my own dreams. Thank you for our friendship. I love you always. 💕

Stay home and stay safe my friends.