Retro water dispenser

It’s day 1/14 of nationwide lockdown, although I have been home for 6 days now except for a quick supermarket sweep on Monday.

It’s not a strict lockdown, which is why I’m taking it seriously. We can’t leave the country, we have to stay home but we can go by food and go for walks in the forest or park. Essential services remain in business.

In reality, people are still moving around recklessly, potentially spreading the virus and going to crowded hot-spots like the supermarket, the bus terminals, eateries to buy food and who knows where else. The rate of infection has risen exponentially because of a super spreader in a very crowded space. The person has infected at least 500 confirmed covid cases. The ones who haven’t been tested are continuing to spread the virus. The numbers will start to look like the apocalypse soon.

You may not think you will die, fair enough, but you don’t want to be the super spreader infecting others and causing them to suffer or die.

Moral of the story is, you only need that one person in a crowded place to cause a whole country to be in lockdown. So stay home my friends and wash your hands regularly.

Sketch of the day no 1311 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a retro water dispenser with floral design