Sheba the French bulldog

Dreaming of a better place: Sheba the French bulldog
Size 1′ x 1′
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas.
100% of proceeds will be donated to help 200 dogs from the Penang Stray rescue society.

It’s the festive season and it’s a time for giving and caring.
I posted this painting of Sheba the French bulldog up for sale on my FB a couple of days ago to raise funds for my friend’s stray dog rescue shelter, and thankfully another kind hearted friend snapped it up immediately. Thank you.

This is an important painting because it is the first time I am using the gold leaf given to me from the Thai temple recently. It was a huge blessing and the best gift as I’ve been looking for gold leaf for a long time. That auspicious day, I vowed to myself that I will donate back to the community for every piece of gold leaf I use. πŸ™