Sothebys contemporary art
Sotheby’s contemporary art London

Happiness is when I am surrounded by beautiful works of art. London is definitely the centre of the art world.
I’m so lucky to have caught this exhibition. Timing is everything. The Sotheby’s contemporary art auction today is going to be epic! The day auction is open to the public but the evening auction is only for registered bidders.

What a rare and special opportunity to see all these great works in the same room. Anyone have any spare change? πŸ’°πŸ’·πŸ’·πŸ’·
Basquiat, Banksy, Kusama, Warhol, Calder, Gilbert & George, Grayson Perry, Damien Hirst, jeff Koons, yayoi kusama, Keith Haring, Hume, Valdes, Hockney, Lucien Freud, Murakami, Ai Wei Wei, Richter, Doig, Hodgkin to name a few…