Westin partners Johanna Basford colouring sheet. Photo credit Westin.

For avid fans of secret garden colouring book. You can get 3 sheets of Johanna Basford‘s limited edition designs at Westin KL and across Westin hotels in Asia until end Feb 2017 when you stay there! For those who have no idea who she is, she sells more books on AMAZON then anyone else. Adult colouring books have been proven to be a great way to relax and practice mindfulness. Try it!

westin colouring sheet
Westin partners best selling illustrator Johanna Basford
Westin colouring kit
Exclusive gift box from Westin KL. Westin Hotels Asia partners with best selling illustrator Johanna Basford.

I love my present!!!! Colouring sheet design by best selling illustrator Johanna Basford for Westin Hotels. Sorry you can’t get this on Amazon.

I am very happy to collaborate with Westin and contribute to its holistic well being experience, highlighting the unique and thoughful touches that are part of the brand’s well being pillars. ” said Johanna Basford.

About Westin Hotel: Westin is dedicated to travelers’ well being before, during and after their stay delivered through programs designed to help guests achieve well-being around six pillars: Eat well, sleep well, move well, play well and feel well.