1. Temple
Temple wedding

I’ve just been busy helping out at my cousin’s wedding last few weeks, which explains why I have been missing from wordpress. Please excuse me. I would like to share some of the highlights with you.

I find it interesting to look at weddings from different cultures, and by sharing my cousin’s wedding with you, I hope you will find it interesting as well.

I live in a multi cultural society. Malaysia is made up of diverse races and religion.

My cousin is Eurasian. Her heritage is Portuguese Kristang. The Kristang are a Malaysian ethnic group with mixed Portuguese and Malay and for some possibly Indian or Chinese ancestry, which arose during the Portuguese colonial period (16th to 17th century). Her husband is Malaysian Malayali. The Malayali (also Malayalee) are a Dravidian people who inhabit the South Indian state of Kerala and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep and have the Malayalam language as their mother tongue.Β 

When they decided to get married. They both agreed to combine their backgrounds. So they had a temple wedding, a catholic church wedding and a wedding dinner party to celebrate their union with their friends and family.

I was the maid of honour. I’m not quite sure what that role meant, but I took it on myself to make sure the bride was happy at all times. I assumed the role of bodyguard and messenger.

It was a beautiful wedding that lasted one week.

I wish them both eternal love and happiness.

Now that the wedding is over, time to rest πŸ™‚

2. Church
Church wedding
3. Party
Dinner Party