A must read action packed fictional short story by Brian Martin-Onraet inspired by Stewart the seagull that took me to Istanbul this year. A big thank you for this. I am honoured x


1-Seagull wpid-img_20150417_164146

The seagulls glide and glide over the waters. Hundreds of them. Gliding and flying effortlessly. Catch the wind. Glide a while. Then a swift stroke of a wing and glide again. Stewart is probably up there. I can’t make him out. Too many seagulls in the air. And too many ships in the waters! Reminds me of traffic in Bangkok, Chang Mai or KL, without the motorbikes. Here, ships and boats of all size and hue cross each other at breakneck speed. Well, a few knots’ breakneck speed. They make quite a show, sounding their horns at each other. Painting the water white with their foamy trails. Ferries, tourist boats, fishing boats, one or the other Navy battle ship. Russia and the Black sea are not too far away.

Every now and then a seagull stops in mid-air, flipping its wings madly, suspended in the air, then drops into the…

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