This is so me! I am so forgetful ;p


Sorry its so late, like always I completely forgot!!! So this week I thought I would talk about being forgetful.

Everyone is forgetful, to some extent but I know for a fact that some are more forgetful than others. I think it is fair the say that there are different categories of forgetfulness. Here they are:

1. Your average Forget Me Not- “Oh no I forgot to put my watch on this morning”

2.The Numpty- “Awww man I brought my German book instead of my French”

3. The Plonker- “Poop, I forgot my packed lunch”

4.The Cotton Wool Head- “Oh, oh deary deary me I think I forgot to lock the front door this morning”

5.The Numbskull- “Shoot I left the car door open and the car is in the car park!!”

6.The Idiot- “Oh my… What have I done!!? I left the dog tied to the lamppost downtown!!!!!”


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