Wow, what a real talent!


Hi All!  I know I have not been around…in fact, home for today only before going out of town again!

I just had to pop online to make a very important announcement 🙂

Do you know /follow Gigi of Rethinking Life also known as hitandrun1964??

If Not…Why? Rectify that immediately 😀

She was one of the first friends I made here on wordpress AND happily that has grown beyond the blogisphere.  Truly her talents and kindness never cease to amaze me.     AND she has just released her first novel Conversations with Death, now available on Amazon Kindle.


Book Description

Death stopped by far too often, as far as I was concerned. I needed a way to deal with my rage. I was furious. So, I decided to hunt down and, if possible, kill Death.When I wrote the very first Conversation, I was ready for a…

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