10. Regina Ibrahim
Regina Ibrahim Indigo exhibition

For the month of August, during George Town festival, Mission House will play host to the Mission Blue ‘The Indigo House’ Exhibition. It is the pop up gallery and shop housing the Mission Blue exhibition.

Mission house was formerly a Christian missionary HQ in the 19th century. It was abandoned and dilapidated for many years until recently. Now, it was been beautifully restored.

David cheah indigo exhibtion
David cheah indigo exhibtion
Tradewind treasure jewellery
Tradewind treasure jewellery


Indigo is known as the colour that took over the world. Nearly every civilisation from the ancient Greeks to the Mayans incorporated the natural dye into their culture, using it for clothing, art and religious devotion. The colour is still considered to be imbued with mystical properties: in Hindu and tantric traditions, the third chakra, (the third eye) is associated with indigo, a colour that is seen to create a direct channel to the subconscious.

This year, George Town Festival takes inspiration from “the blue that binds”, to present a month-long showcase of artworks, textiles, ceramics and objects from across the world, linked by the colour blue.

For the month of August, the grounds of one of Penang’s most striking 19th century buildings, the Mission House at Number 35, Farquhar Street will become The Other Blue Mansion, housing artwork, workshops and indigo wares from all corners of the globe.


David Cheah

Born in Malaysia but forging a creative career in architecture and design in Australia, David returns to his homeland with a series of workshops, exhibitions and products inspired by indigo textiles from around the world.

Featuring an exhibition of textiles, ceramics and glass; a talk and DVD presentation on textiles; outdoor hand-weaving demonstration and natural indigo dyeing workshop; hand-made products for sale (artworks, clothes, interior accessories)

Regina Ibrahim

A visual artist working in the figurative expressionist mode, Regina Ibrahim is a self-taught Penang-based artist with an extraordinary ability to create compelling and often moving depictions of daily life and human interactions.

Regina will bring an exhibition of new works, inspired by the theme ‘Indigo’.

Ben Rongen

In around 1625, a Portuguese merchant ship sank off the east coast of Malaysia, wrecked after a battle with a Dutch warship. It lay in the depths of the South China Sea for nearly 400 years, before it was brought up and its magnificent contents were taken to the surface. Now, Australian documentary maker turned jeweller Ben Rongen has worked with a team of master craftsman to preserve the artefacts and create breath-taking, unique jewellery pieces from the ceramic shards.

With a selection of accessories and artefacts available for exhibition as well as for sale, accompanied by a presentation on the history of the shipwreck, this promises to be a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the depths of the past.

The Mission House
35 Lebuh Farquhar
George Town

For more info: www.GeorgetownFestival.org

Picture by K.E.Ooi
Restored Mission house Picture by K.E.Ooi
mission blue at 'indigo house'
mission blue ‘The indigo house’ at mission house