kampung style home
100% recycled kampung style home

I celebrated Eid with my friends and her family in their 100% recycled “Kampung” house which they bought from a abandoned plot. They transported the old wooden house to this new place that they bought. It is surrounded by nature. This morning I was woken up by the sound of roosters and geese fighting!

Last night, they had a non traditional BBQ dinner but it was followed by a customary display of fireworks. I called it the war of fireworks because in the distant plor of land, another family were playing with fireworks and we were competing with each other. After about an hour, we raised the white flag and admitted defeat. They had far more spectacular fireworks on display, but we benefited from the show.

This morning, my friend and her father took her kids and her sisters kids to Gua tempurung, the local Limestone Karst. It is also the largest one in Peninsular Malaysia. It is estimated to be around 250 and 400 million years old.

This celebration brought back fond memories of my childhood when my friend and I used to hang out together as kids.

war of the fireworks
Celebrating eid with a traditional ‘war’ of the fireworks display with friends
Gua Tempurung 'Caving"
Gua Tempurung ‘Caving”