Locks of Hope
Locks of Hope

Today I finally did it. I chopped off my hair for Locks of Hope, a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but for many silly reasons I didn’t.

Thank you Jonathan from Hairvenly Image Studio for cutting my hair and following the guidelines.

Jonathan was so excited to find out more about this initiative because he says he cuts hair all day long and never knew what to do with the locks!
He asked me,”Is it heart breaking to see your long hair being cut off? I replied, no. It will grow back soon. I’d rather it be put to better use.

God gave me 2 hands and 2 legs. If I can help others in any way, I will. My hair is something that cost me nothing to donate, it will eventually grow back.

If you have long hair, you can donate, it’s free. If you don’t have hair, you can tell your hairdresser all about it, it’s free too!

Spread the love and do a good deed this week. It will cost you nothing but it will give you everything xx