Moth that looks like a deer and mask
unusual weird wooden Moth with big eye that looks like a deer and mask. Tarsolepis taiwana Notodontidae

I’m out of the Jungle. I had the most amazing 24 hours.

Before I start compiling my jungle photos, here is one I had to share. It is the most incredible looking moth I have ever seen!! I thought it was the cutest wood carved key chain shaped like a deer head sitting on the table….. then I thought, hang on, there’s no keys attached to it….I looked closer and realised it’s a moth. I looked around the room to see if I could find another similar one, there were a few flying around the lights, than I found another one resting on the floor with it’s wings spread open slightly. It looked more like a mask. From far, in the dark, it looked like darth vadar but with the camera flash it’s not so similar.

I have no idea what this moth is called. It should be named the transformer! 🙂 Is this a new species of moth??

More photos to follow 🙂

Thank you to Sagedoyle for identifying this as Prominent moth. Tarsolepis taiwana Notodontidae. Mystery solved!!