Donations to go on board historic vessel vega
Donations to go on board historic vessel vega
I met Captain Shane and Meggi Macoun on Friday night aboard the historic vessel Vega, a humanitarian relief mission, a project that donates school equipment to remote islands in Indonesia. One couple’s vision and determination is all it took. Cpt Shane and Meggi, you are inspirational!

I posted on my FB page and wordpress to ask for donations on their behalf and to spread the news of their amazing work. Several of my friends handed me cash, but many more wanted to be more involved, they wanted to go buy the supplies themselves and deliver to the boat, to be part of the story.

The photos above are shows the musical instruments I managed to buy with the generous donations. Thank you to my friends who chipped in.
These musical instruments will be delivered to children living on the remote islands near to Timur. The instruments will be used in the school band. The school band will provide the schools with a future source of income.
To follow the journey, please join Historic Vessel Vega facebook page