Roy the rooster
Roy the rooster

Roy the rooster drops by rethinking Life’s home to spend some time with the other chicklets for Easter. He’s enjoying rides like ’tilt and egg’ and making new friends. His new BFF is Elsa. Roy is a real bloke. He looks all tough on the outside and rarely shows any emotion, but he is having the time of his life 🙂

Thank you for hosting him xx


Rethinking Life

A new rooster stops by

Roy and the new ride Tilt-an-Egg

Blogger: said that her Rooster Roy wanted to attend the Easter party at the Coop.  Roy just arrived and immediately volunteered to test the Tilt-an-Egg ride with chicklet Elsa.   The ride works perfectly and everyone is delighted. Roy is having a great time.  Elsa said that the ride isn’t for those who have motion sickness.  She looked a bit green for the rest of the day.  To see what Roy truly looks like, according to the artist, please check out the above post.

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