Safe Climbing tote
Finished product: Safe Climbing tote

This is a collaboration between my brand Matahari and my client ‘Safe Climbing’. My client trains and educates climbers on safety. The message on the tote is to remind rock climbers to climb safe. Rock climbing is not a dangerous sport or profession when you remember to follow the safety procedures.

I designed this a couple on months ago in early Jan 2014. The brief was simply to come up with a design that communicates a safety message to the climber. I got the idea from road safety signs, including using the stickman to relay the message across. Luckily for me, the client approved the design immediately and I didn’t have to make changes.

With the approved design, I got the totes silk screen printed locally. Today, I delivered them to my client. First completed project of the year.

Packing the totes
My day ~ Ironing, Folding and Packing totes