8. Mandalay Hill
Mandalay Hill

We arrived in Mandalay from Bagan by bus just before noon. The journey took the longest time because we took the wrong bus. It wasn’t the express one so it stopped everywhere. It took 6 hours and cost KTS 7000 (USD 7)

At the bus station we bought our bus tickets for Yangon for the following night. We made sure we bought the correct bus ticket this time. We found the Shwe Mandalar bus company which we had taken before and bought the tickets there. The bus ticket was KTS 10,000 (USD 10) and we got the bus people to give us a ride to our hotel for KTS 5000 (USD 5)

After we checked into our hotel, we got a quick bite at the coffee shop opposite. We had a bowl of vege noodles each and a coffee for a total of KTS 2000 (USD 2) The local food is cheap if you dare eat it. It’s really tasty and I didnt get sick once. Obviously I went for the food that was either boiled or fried to death ;p

After lunch we went sightseeing. We ended up at Mandalay Hill for sunset and headed back to the hotel. We had street food for dinner. I found a stall selling tempura vegetables. The guy charged me 300 kts (USD 0.30)for 10 pieces of fried vegetables. I felt like I was ripping him off!

7. Kuthodaw Paya
Kuthodaw Paya
6. Palace Monastary carvings
Palace Monastary carvings
5. Palace Monastery
Palace Monastery
3. Palace details
Palace details
1. Palace doors
Palace doors
2. Palace colonades
Palace colonnades
Court Jesters
Court Jesters