I’ve been wanting to sketch the leech for a while now but i absolutely hate the damn blood suckers and they are not pretty looking in any way. So finally, I’ve done it with a bit of a tongue in chic write up to go with the very basic sketch.

My first ever run in with a leech was last year when I went trekking in Thailand. I found one blood sucker on my ankle and almost passed out. My second run in with the leech was a month later when I went back into the Thai forest and got attacked by about 40 leeches, not counting the 100s I had to flick off. It was a complete nightmare like in a horror movie but as they say “what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger!”

From that day onwards, I have researched into ways to prevent leeches from attacking me whilst trekking. I am the expert on leech behaviour, what to wear to prevent leech bites, how to walk without detection and what to put on to repel them naturally. Chemical based repellents although effective is not good for the environment nor food chain. Last month before I headed into the jungles of Ulu Mudah, knowing that the area was thriving with leeches (I did my research on the area beforehand) I concocted my own “Leech Brew” all based on natural ingredients. I brought the brew with me and tested it out and to my delight it really works!

The trek was about 4 hours. On the way out, I had zero leeches climb on my shoes because I had sprayed my shoes and socks with the brew. The other trekkers had to stop every few minutes to flick the leeches off their legs. On the way back unfortunately it started to pour down with rain. My brew was being washed away and I didn’t bring it with me to reapply. So, the pesky creatures started to crawl all over me. It was a complete nightmare! Luckily I only ended up with one bite on my shoulder. How it climbed all the way there without detection shows how smart these leeches are.

I can’t say for certain that my leech brew works since I have only used it successfully once. I have to brave it and enter the leech infested jungle again to test out my leech brew before I share it with other fellow trekkers.

In the meantime invest in a pair of leech socks!

When my leech brew works, that would be my best revenge!!